Monday, August 22, 2011

Thrift store chairs and bench - YAY!

Well I went to pick up my "new" chairs and bench/coffee table today at the thrift store and all of the women who work there told me how lovely the pieces are and they are sad to see the chairs go because they sat in them for a rest throughout the day. Sweet!
The chairs are butt ugly but I hope they are going to turn out gorgeous! They resemble a plantation chair and are made by Statesville Chair Company. After a little research, I discovered that is a VERY good thing. :-) Here they are:

I LOVE the criss cross legs and the lines of the chair. Orange and yellow not quite my choice of colors but I totally see painting the frames white or silver with a very crisp navy blue and white or navy and silver fabric. Or stripping the chairs and staining them mahoghany. I will have to think about this for a while - so many options! I am thinking:

And you can never go wrong with Ralph Lauren fabrics - no one does navy blue better!

My dream fabric but it is discontinued and impossible to find! I want the other version in navy with white tennis racquets - I have given up as I will never find it. This would be perfect!

The next item was so bizarre that I have to post a bunch of pics to quite explain it. Firstly, it is a coffee table? 6 feet long is a really long coffee table but it is awesome.

There are three very heavy marble pieces which make up the top and are removable. Then they gave me a cushion which came in with it so I am thinking it was used it as a bench.

This is totally going white with silver accents or all silver. I think am going to make a very comfy light grey tufted cushion for the top so it can go under the windows in the guest room. Here is my inspiration picture from the September issue of Veranda (<3 this magazine).

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