Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Featured on Remodelaholic today!

Good Morning!

I was checking my Gmail this morning and received notice that my kitchen countertops are going to be featured today on Remodelaholic! Wow quite the big week for me! That blog is the one where I keep clicking and clicking and before I know it - an hour has slipped by. But there are so many wonderful things there it is hard to tear myself away. Please stop by if you haven't done so - you will be so glad you did! Ok off to rip out bushes and makeover and mulch my front landscaping. Not fun! :-)


Here is the link:



  1. You will find several good reasons to make use of granite as a kitchen countertops. These benefits are fundamentally more about durability and aesthetic value.

  2. Montanna - I would LOVE granite countertops but I cannot afford them. This worked for me and others who are in the same financial state seemed to find this as a possible alternative. It would be like someone telling me that my old Volkswagen should be traded in for a Ferrari. I would love that but it is not an option for me. Thank you for the link - I am sure it is helpful for those deciding on new counter surface options.