Monday, November 30, 2015

The BEST Christmas song you may have never even heard....

Hello!  I can't believe it is the last day of November!  I think my Halloween costume is still slung over a chair somewhere.  Hey - don't judge!  LOL

So we were driving in Disney World in December two years ago and listening to the Orlando Christmas radio station.  We are just talking and driving and all of a sudden we just stop to listen to this enchanting song on the radio.  We didn't even think to SHAZAM it - one of the greatest inventions ever -  and panic set in as the song was at the end.  We were trying to remember lyrics as we just had to Google this.  We searched "holiday night" and BOOM it came up right away!

Listen to it here... Holiday Night!   

Her website is here!

Funny disclaimer:  I consider myself a self-proclaimed expert on all things Christmas!  :-) Music, movies, TV shows, trivia, you name it.  Some people just have that innate holiday disposition built into their DNA and I am definitely one of them.  So when I hear a new carol I had never heard, it always makes me stop and listen.  I'm like a holiday sponge who needs to know it all.   Yes this is me below - a Christmas sponge.  haha
Well we found the song!  The artist is Margo Rey and the song is called Holiday Night!  OMG it is seriously one of my most favorite songs ever.  It is so ingrained in my being that I find myself randomly singing it in like August!  LOL seriously.  My boyfriend and I spontaneously dance to it in the kitchen and I even hear him singing it to himself doing random chores.  Love that!   As I read through her posts and blog, I found out she is also a fellow 2x cancer survivor!  OMG - what are the chances?  Now this songs means even MORE to me.  It shows that cancer doesn't kill everything or everyone.  Never give up hope for sometimes it is all we have left!   *BELIEVE*

I'm not quite so sure why I felt the need to write a post regarding this but I did.  When something brings me so much joy, I just feel the need to share.  She is not my sister or cousin, etc. so I'm not writing this post because I simply LOVE this song.  When it comes on, I can actually feel the lyrics!  I think of a holiday night which can be December 2, December 13, December 24, and even those precious post-Christmas pre-New Year nights when the holiday spirit is still abundant but the hustle and bustle (and pressure) of Christmas is no longer.

 I imagine people dressed in their Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren holiday finery.  And a glorious table set in anticipation of a delicious feast!  Lest we not forget the roaring fire to greet guests coming in from the winter chill.
Kate Spade New York 2014 - My fave dress!
I miss these old Tommy Hilfiger ads!  What a sartorially splendid bunch!
I see a mini movie play out in my head as the song unfolds and I see the people arriving to a beautifully decorated home complete with the smell of a holiday feast in the air and snow gently falling outside.  I see hugs and kisses and hear the clinks of the toasting flutes.  I just wanted to share this with you.

I'm sure we all have those carols that speak to our hearts.  I love White Christmas by Bing, All I Want For Christmas Is You by the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey and the instrumental version of Sleigh Ride by the Boston Pops!  But I love all holiday music and it is on non-stop from November to basically the 26th of December.

Thank you for indulging me to gush about this song.  Please give it a listen and let me know what you think.  Or just tell me about your favorite holiday carols.  I would love to hear - remember, I'm a yuletide sponge!  ;-)  Happy Holidays!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas Open House 2015!

I KNOW it Columbus Day weekend!  And Autumn is my favorite season so I am by no means rushing Santa Claus;  however, this post featuring The Village Shoppes in New Carlisle, Indiana, has become an annual tradition and it is indeed that time of the year... The 2015 CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE!

It has been a spectacularly warm Fall season thus far here in the Midwest!  It has been in the 80s and warm, dry and with brilliant blue skies and abundant sunshine!  The leaves are just beginning to change. the colder temperatures are becoming more frequent and, of course, fleeting thoughts are starting to turn to the holiday season.

Before I begin with the barrage of yuletide awesomeness, let's review... The Village Shoppes consists of two home interior stores across the street from one another in the quaint little town of New Carlisle, Indiana.  I remember first going there with my Mom and Dad and sisters years ago and upon the first visit, we instantly fell in love and it was always at the top of the list for a road trip no matter what time of the year.  It is just a little over one hour to drive in from Illinois and about a 20 minute drive from South Bend.   If, after reading this post,  you still haven't had your fill of all things holiday, please check out my account of previous years here and here.

With both my parents now gone, walking through the doors always warms my heart with memories of visits of yore.  And yet the reminiscing instantly fades as I am almost instantly awestruck by the gorgeousness before me.  A visit to "Bill's", as we call it in reference to the owner Mr. Bill Sutton, is always an amazing treat for the senses with so much to see, touch, taste, hear and smell.

This year we went on Sunday, the day after the Notre Dame vs. Navy football game.  I never go the first day because the crowds are pretty intense.  I like to go late in the day on the second day as I have time and space to fully take it all in.  I actually go both Open House weekends because it really it too much to take in with just one visit.  And there is no such thing as too much Village Shoppes!  :-)

The wonderful thing about this store is the cacophony of decor in all different color schemes and home interior stylings.  No matter with whom you visit, there is most definitely something for everyone's taste, every price point and even the most finicky decorator.  I was quite taken with these adorable black and white and sparkly plaques in different scenes and shapes.

With the popularity of HGTV's Fixer Upper with Chip n Jojo, the rustic farmhouse, industrial trend was definitely and most perfectly a highlight for me this visit.

I couldn't love this rustic elk shelf more!  So delish!  

Cute.  Cute. Cute.

These rustic houses have a hole in the bottom so your can add lights!  SO charming!

I love signs!  All year, all seasons, all sayings and this store does not disappoint!

These arrows are quite adorable!  I thought they were reversible but they were not.  

Fell in love with this little beauty and yet so did my friend.  I acquiesced and allowed her to have it.   I just have so much and this way when I go and visit her house I get to enjoy it too.

If you ever hear of a support group for throw pillow addicts, please clue me in.  I can never seem to get enough!  This year's collection at the Village Shoppes was over the top spectacular.  I liked one better than the next although my favorite one was the Halloween one!  So hard to resist!

Plaid anything is like my kryptonite!  I have no power against it!  

Totally Totes McGoats!  

How elegantly creepy this this?  That brooch on the black and white stripe is spectacular!

Elegant red and green and a classic topiary!

Just SO pretty!

This beverage cart.... PERFECTION.

Who knew sage and silver could be so wonderful at Christmas?

Who doesn't love a nutcracker at Christmas?  

Those lanterns... STOP.  Just STOP.

Totally whimsical and totally adorable.

Holiday topiaries.  So pretty.

One of my fave things of the day - these lovely ornament crystals.  

Lantern love.

SO many beautiful vignettes!  It is hard to pick one favorite theme or color palette.  This was indeed one of the best displays ever.  I wasn't overly thrilled with last year and so the fact that the ridiculously talented design team knocked it out of the park this year is all the more exciting.  

My ultimate favorite item of the day were these amazingly spectacularly fantabulous toboggan shelves!

It was most definitely love at first sight!  Alas, the price was a bit too steep at $140.  They only have this one set left as they sold the other one as soon as they placed it on the wall.  #LOVE

OMG they are so FANTASTIC!  I need these in my life!  And my house!  LOL

Oh and this table.... SWOON!  How perfectly perfect is this?  UGH.  Just stop it.

So that is my field trip report on the 2015 Village Shoppes Open House!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures of all the amazing decor, inspiration and imagination.  If you ever get a chance to visit this retailer, DO SO!  And if you live in the area - by area I mean within a thousand miles or so - run, don't walk here!  You will be so glad you did.  

For their website with hours and directions... click HERE!

Happy Columbus Day, Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas!  #Bwahaha.