Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kitchen Revamp 2013: A work in progress...

In 2008, I stripped all the wallpaper in my kitchen and jumped on the trendy bandwagon of the black and bright green and damask decor as shown by Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs.   I loved it but the minute I finished painting, I turned to my sister and said, "I bet this would have been pretty in a soft grey blue."  And I always felt that way since....

On the "oops" paint shelf at Lowe's was a gorgeous shade of blue grey which blew me away!  It was only $1.00 so I bought it just because.   One day I came across it in the cabinet and just for kicks, I painted a small part of my kitchen wall with it and I instantly knew I had use it in my kitchen!   Here are the beginnings of this project and I hope to have it done by Spring.  It is a slow go... 

I found this remnant piece at JoAnn's for $1.50.  It's just laid on top of the cushion for now and I loved the pillow but returned it to HomeGoods because I thought it was a little too large. 

This is the half painted ceiling so I could put my new oversized lantern.  Found it at a ReStore store and it is for outdoors but I fell in love with it and it was only $28 new in box.  A very good thing.  I also painted the patio doors black which I LOVE!  

The new slanted wall treatment still needs caulk, sand and paint but I like the way it looks so far.  

This was a picture from the first kitchen re-do before I did the crazy painted countertops project.  That project can be seen HERE.    The brass knobs and hunter green laminate is just not for me especially coupled with the honey pine wood trim!  LOL  I think the AFTER looks much better!

Another BEFORE picture and more green laminate.  Please... make it STOP!

There - that's better.  :-)  But this is now my new "BEFORE".  I hope I like the AFTER just as much!

The sample paint against the stacked stone I found it for under $100 at a Home Improvement outlet.  When I saw the coastal look this presented, I knew I was definitely getting rid of the green.  

The original backsplash plan was a roll of white shelf liner.  I cut out a ton of this stuff whilst watching TV.  But when I saw the stone, I knew this was no longer going to work - I would always wish I did the stone instead.  This will be saved for another project for another day - I still love it.

I scraped and painted the inside of this lighted glass cabinet to match the walls.  

This remnant fabric at JoAnn's was  only $4.53 and so I lined the cabinet with it for texture and contrast from the wall paint.  I am thrilled with the result.

So that is my progress so far with a LOT more to do.  I have to figure out what to do with this THING which houses the task lighting and exhaust for the oven and stove.   I think bead board and molding may be in order to glam it up a bit.

I cannot wait to post the reveal - that will mean it will be completely finished!  Oh a girl can dream...

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Here - Downton Day is finally here! :-) Happy viewing...

Finally!  I have bided my time waiting for Season 3 of Masterpiece Classic's Downton Abbey watching the Notre Dame football team go 12-0 and become number one in the country, Memorial Day, Wimbledon, Labor Day, the US Open, Halloween, Christmas and New Year's, etc.

But, alas, the time has finally come.  It is so funny how people are making such a big deal about this but if you don't get, you obviously aren't watching.  I cannot wait for those first few beats of that invigorating music, the ringing of the bells on the servant wall, etc.  I cannot wait.  I hope you are excited too and I simply wanted to wish you all Happy Viewing.

I have not cheated and read the spoilers so I really only have a few inklings of what is in store for the Crawleys.  Are you going to watch?  There is so much going on with the NFL playoffs and Once Upon A Time coming back on but Downton will reign supreme tonight for me!  Enjoy!