Wednesday, September 7, 2011

HOW TO: My $10 Shed Awning Tutorial

Firstly, THANK YOU all so very much for the wonderful response to my shed makeover. They have totally made my week. One item in particularly which is generating comments and e-mails is the awning. So here is my step-by-stop process of how I added the cute little awning.

I looked for black and white striped material but it all seemed so thin and flimsy and it wasn't cheap! So I was in the Menard's home store and I went down the tarp aisle. There was this grey tarp with a black backing and it was only $4.99! I was like, "R U KIDDING ME?" So I threw it in the cart.

Here is a picture of what it looks like and the material that it is. If you have a pool, then you are familiar with the woven winter covers. It has large seams all the way around with silver grommets that I cut off. Almost like cutting the crust off of a piece of bread.

I then took 1 x 2s (also called furring strips) and measured them to go about three inches beyond the door and cut two identical lengths of 65 inches. I then cut three support strips 14 inches long which will be coming out from the shed to create the A frame. These were simply painted white and nailed into the header above the shed doors. These were put on first. If you were standing in front of your doors, it would look like three strips of wood coming out towards you. One was stapled on each end and one in the middle. The bottom furring strip will be affixed to these. Here are side views so you can see where the three support pieces go:

I then measured out the tarp and cut it about six inches wider than my furring strips so I could fold it over and staple it and I would have clean edges and it would be less likely to tear from the harsh winter winds. I stapled it onto the furring strip and then rolled the furring strip over one complete time and stapled it again to make sure it was nice and secure. I then repeated that process with the other furring strip. When finished, it looks like a mini-stretcher. :-)

As far as the length and width, it depends on your specific project. My shed doors were six feet wide so I made the strips 6'6". The length of my awning from top to bottom was 24" with an overhang on the front board of 2" for a total of 26 between the two wooden boards.

I then folded over the extra material and taped it with strong grey duct tape. I used a few pieces to make sure it was very secure. I folded over the extra material over the furring strips and stapled the bejeezers out of it!

I then pre-drilled three holes in each strip right, left and middle. I centered the "awning" over the doors and nailed the center hole to the front of the shed. I then secured the right and left sides by nailing the pre-drilled holes. Now it looked like a piece of material hanging straight down. I then took the other furring strip and brought it out to the ends of the three support pieces. I nailed the furring strip to the support pieces right through the awning material. These nails will be covered up with a "stripe".

Once the awning was up and secure, I took white duct tape and centered the first stripe and simply pressed the tape in place and brought it down and up underneath the awning. I did this and worked my way out from the center to the end. I simply did it by eyeing it - I wasn't anal about them being perfectly straight although they turned out pretty good! :-)

And the awning is complete. It has been a few weeks now and the tape is still secure and we have had some wicked nasty storms and the awning has held up just fine! Good Luck!


  1. You are amazing. I would have never in a million years thought of this!

    1. Thank you! I am very surprised it turned out the way it did and has now survived two years of Chicago weather without any damage.

  2. Tracy,
    I kept wondering when is she gonna get to how she did the stripes?! I LOL when you said white duct tape. So simple but it gives it extra body and strength. You must be channeling McGyver. Please don't ask me who McGiver is, I am giving away my age. Nice to meet you.

    1. Hello Ahrisha!

      Nice to meet you as well! I LOVED McGyver - so I guess that means I am giving my age away too! :-) The duct tape is on its third year and it is still completely intact! :-) Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for all the awesome ideas. I can't wait to make my shed look somewhat like this. You are amazing!

  4. Thank you Kyle! Let me know how your shed turns out!

  5. I bought waterproof fabric from Ebay for $6.95 a yard (all I need) and am going to make this for over my entry door which is only 30" I am shooting for a 40" wide awning to protect a bit more when we are unlocking the door in a rainstorm. This looks so doable, and I think with all the spare hunks of wood around my shop and garage, I won't have to buy anything. LOVE the white stripes in Duct-tape!! I may do that as my fabric is burgundy. My son in law calls me Ms. McGuiver - I am 75!