Friday, September 30, 2011

Dining Room Makeover? STILL a work in progress...

When I first saw the AWESOME multi-blog, multi-room linky party ROOMSPIRATION, I was SO hopeful to be able to link my COMPLETED dining room up by the deadline.  Not happening!


Firstly, it is at times like these when I SO wish I would have gone through with getting married.  If only for the fact that I am getting tired of doing all of this work myself!  :-)  Don't know how much I would have let him do but at least he could make lunch and go on supply runs!  LOL!!!

I started this project in SPRING and here we are two seasons later and I'm still plugging away.  So, I am posting this to motivate myself to finish by November 1st!  So all of the amazing room Roomspiration link- ups have served their purpose and are totally inspiring me to finish this room once and for all!  Thank you!

It started with the removal of the "lovely" carpeting and wallpaper and it took quite a while to get the walls repaired and prepped for primer.  The green stripes were painted in case the wallpaper seams separated, the white wall wouldn't show through.  My parents were wallpaper masters.  :-D

I really liked the grey primer color!  I sanded the brown windows and painted them white.   I also removed the brass crystal chandelier and gave it new life by spraying it silver.  It still needs to be re-assembled - something to which I am NOT looking forward.

When it came to paint color, I never could have imagined that there are so many shades of navy blue!  I mean R U KIDDING ME?

I finally decided on Blue Velvet from Ace Hardware and once I got it on the walls, I hated it.  I think it took me about two weeks to pick a color but, in the end, I got it right.  BEHR paint - STILETTO!  It is a deep, dark navy blue and I couldn't be more thrilled!

I got rid of the old dining room furniture except for the hutch.  I was going to paint it white and buy a new table and chairs but then I had a total change of heart.

I decided to keep the sideboard intact and I took a hammer and dismantled the hutch to use the pieces for a WINDOW SEAT.  I know - crazy, right?  But it is almost finished and I LOVE it.  These crazy ideas keep entering into the original plans and wreaking havoc!  :-)  No wonder its still not completed!

I found my dining room table, chairs, mirror and buffet lamps on Craigslist and they are just sitting in the garage waiting to be put in place.  My dining room table (LOVE) is from a travel agency.  How funny is that?

Then I watched Something's Gotta Give for like the 200th time and I am so green with envy of her transom windows!
 Crazy idea #47 - "Hey, I can put those in my dining room!"  And so I did.  I bought two door sidelights at a builders supply house and put them on the horizontal and built frames for them.

 I then adhered them to the ceiling and I love it!  I just have to figure out how to trim it out - yet another delay.  UGH!

And I couldn't just have a NORMAL ceiling, right?  I found this awesome picture and decided to use it as my inspiration picture.  

I found these little beauties at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $2 and they were a rusted finish.  I painted them white and they will be put in the corners of the ceiling.

To prepare the ceiling, I painted the blue wall color onto the ceiling.  I painted the rest of the ceiling grey because I didn't want a traditional white ceiling.  Color:  Secret Passage.  Love the name!

So, all I have left to do really is finish the ceiling, chandelier, wainscoting, crown molding, transom room divider, and window seat.  YIKES!   Oh did I mention I am going to try to paint my underlayment to look like mahogany wood floors?   Hopefully, they will turn out as great as I am imagining them.    A temporary fix until I can afford the real thing... Someday.

 Can I get it done by November 1?  All of you amazing DIYers and ROOMSPIRATION linkys have totally inspired me to get in gear and get it done!  I Thank You all for sharing your beautiful rooms and please check back - I will be posting my progress!  (Fingers crossed)

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