Thursday, September 8, 2011

A $10,000 J Crew Gift Card....

That is about the amount I would need for all of the items on my J Crew MUST HAVE list! (Sorry if you thought I was announcing a give away). LOL The catalog arrived today and I simply had to gush...

Being in the Midwest, we have all four seasons and I love them all! But there is a magic about fall that just cannot be equaled. The crisp cool air, Autumn colors against the bright blue skies, harvest food, apple picking, crunchy leaves, mums and pansies, so many reasons it is quite wonderful.


And lest we not forget... SWEATER WEATHER! And tweeds and turtlenecks, flannel sheets and wool socks! I love dressing for fall in the tones of browns and olives and orange.


Every time I watch You've Got Mail, I vow to dress like Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) with all of my jumpers, tights and Mary Janes I have in my closet. And then I also have to resist the urge to call my stylist and cut my hair short until the feeling passes. Although, I've gotten the Kathleen Kelly cut a few times and LOVED it! If it wasn't for my love of a ponytail, I would be on the phone right now. How cute does Meg look picking out a pumpkin in all of her sartorial splendour? Adorable character and a charming movie!

SEE - now I am TOTALLY thinking about cutting it short for fall! UGH! :-)

Anyhoo - back to J. Crew... I absolutely love this brand and the ease and quality of their clothing. I mean seriously, who doesn't love broken in khaki chinos and cashmere. HELLO!

And the shoes...

These are the items I let slip through my fingers and am now forever searching for these items on eBay, Craigslist, etc.

J Crew Dream argyle jumper dress - my Holy Grail piece. L*O*V*E!

Such a pretty cardigan sweater - from the Dream Collection - can you imagine with skinny jeans and little sequin flats? *Sigh* And cute short hair (NO - I have to stop thinking about it)

I LOVE this sequined boyfriend sweater in oat! I love the J Crew color names: Oat, lake, grass, flamingo, etc. Too fun! This over a white t-shirt and shorts for fall? Gorgeous!

And this skirt is to die for - wonderful thing about J Crew is that you can wear it with stilettos and a silk blouse or a hoodie and flip flops - so pretty and shimmery!

I prolly shouldn't admit this but I have every J Crew catalog from 1997 on. I know - its a sickness. Do you love J Crew? What is your favorite store? Do you have a "holy grail" list?
Not sure of the reason of this post but I know it was brought about by the cooler temperatures today and the J Crew catalog the mail box! A very good thing! Sometimes randomness works!

And notice I didn't even mention handbags. We will save that for another day! :-)

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