Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ugly Refrigerator Makeover! With WALLPAPER??

Ok, let me start by saying the picture above is my DREAM refrigerator.  I have always wanted the Sub Zero glass front fridge - it is just the coolest thing EVER.  (No pun intended)   Alas, until I win the lottery, that is not happening any time soon.  So this is what I ended up with - I LIKE IT!

Yucky and rusty!  

My current refrigerator works but it is UGLY and dated.  There is absolutely no reason to buy a new one yet other than I want a shiny new one.  It is kind of like when your neighbor gets a new car and suddenly you need one too!  ;-)

So I decided to fix it up!  My first idea was to paint it silver so it would resemble one of those fancy stainless steel appliances.  There is only one word to describe this idea... FAIL!  Wow this couldn't have been more of a nightmare.  Ok - now what?  Hmmmm.... plan B.    Wallpaper.  Whaaaaa?

Yup - beadboard wallpaper.  Why not - it couldn't get any worse, right?  Found it at Lowes.  So I removed the handles with a screwdriver - the screws were right there when you open the door on the top.  Then I primed over the silver paint and the glossy original finish.  I gave it about three coats.

Then,  I simply wallpapered it.

Once this was completed, I added some trim in the form of 1/4" birch underlayment!  I cut it into strips and used Powergrab adhesive to adhere it to the fridge.

This is PowerGrab by Loctite - its awesome!  It doesn't smell, its white, and is an easy clean up with soap and water.  It is a bit more expensive than regular tubes of adhesive but SO worth the extra cost!

In order to add a handle, I had to saw the head off of a screw and insert an anchor into the wood.  This allowed for a standard cabinet knob to be used.  I found this fancy pull at Hobby Lobby and I spray painted it metallic silver.  I love the way it turned out.  Also at Hobby Lobby, I found a large pull for the bottom door and sprayed that as well.  Once it was all painted, I added the pulls.

* * * UPDATE * * * 
The answer to why there are SCREWS in the picture above question....

In the above picture you see screws holding the wood on the top of the fridge.  When I first came up with this crazy idea, I could not get the wood to stick using the PowerGrab by Loctite.  This stuff is awesome but I obviously wasn't using enough to get it to stick.  So I stuck these drywall screws in.  Then my sister came in during the middle of this project and she put a TON of the PowerGrab in it and held it in place for two minutes and walah - it worked!  It adhered just fine and looked so much nicer than the top.  So I had to countersink the screws and fill them in with spackle and joint compound and sand them smooth.  SO much more work.  Alas, as much as I hate to admit it - sometimes a sister does know best!  ;-)  Hope this helps!

Here is the picture of the screws I used.   SO glad I didn't have to use any screws on the bottom piece - it made such a difference:

Once all the wood was adhered, I primed everything with two coats of basic white primer.  Then I used this ACE paint.  It is cabinet and wood trim and it makes everything look so bright and clean.  Since I covered over the paper and wood, it actually created a pretty durable surface so dirt and stains can be wiped away.  I am not sponsored by ACE or Loctite - actually I am not sponsored by anybody LOL - but these are the products I have found to work the best for me and so I am simply passing it along.

This ACE metallic spray paint is the BEST one I have found and I have basically tried them all.

When all was said and done,  I am thrilled with the result.  Granted it isn't as fancy as the new stainless refrigerators with electronic display panels, in the door ice and water dispensers and usb ports, but hey, I like it.  Until I am forced to buy a new one, this one will do just fine!  Drumroll please......

TA DA!  

The bubble you see in the wallpaper on the top, eventually dried and disappeared.    Thank you for stopping by!    Have a wonderful day today!  ;-)