Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Crazy Summer - I Haven't Blogged! What???

Whoa!  I've been SO busy this summer teaching tennis, stringing racquets, visiting Walt Disney World, and just doing summery things that I just noticed I haven't blogged since June!  WHAT?  OMGosh - NO way!

I was able to sneak away twice to Disney World in between tennis sessions!  It was fantastic as I was able to try the new much-awaited attraction FROZEN EVER AFTER in EPCOT!   I actually teared up a little bit during the ride.  I was THAT excited.  I have a huge love for FROZEN and I carry Disney magic in my heart so this was quite the epic day!

It was SO fun meeting up with magical Disney World cast members!  

I've also been perfecting the summer fruit smoothies and with the hot summer, they have tasted SO yummy!  And they are healthy and low in calorie - BONUS!

I spent an awesome 4th of July weekend in Michigan, one of my absolutely favorite states.  And I LOVE the 4th of July holiday so it was just a wonderful few days!

I feel sort of guilty about neglecting my blog, but sometimes you have to live your life in order to have something about which to write.  I have a few projects on the horizon so I will be posting in the next few weeks for sure.  Some of the projects are boring like staining a deck and cleaning the garage.  But I am working on a pretty unusual "touch of Disney decor" about which I'm pretty excited.   Thanks for the quick read and I hope to see you all back here in a few weeks!  Cheers!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Pinterest Success! T-shirt Hack to a Cute Halter!

We have all seen those hideous, yet hilarious Pinterest fails!  We usually end up watching them at parties or in groups and they never fail to incite uncontrollable laughter.  It's so nice to see that we are not alone in our failed attempts at the perfect Pinterest lifestyle!

However... I finally came across this awesome looking NO-SEW t-shirt hack that I decided to attempt.  And guess what.... IT WORKED!  Yay me!  I'm no longer a complete Pinterest failure!  ;-)

I found this XL junior t-shirt at Wal*Mart on clearance for $1!  A dollar!  I'm a huge Star Wars geek so I knew that I was buying even if I used the fabric for a pillow, etc.  Then I found this amazing t-shirt tutorial on the Wobi Sobi blog - her blog is AMAZING!  Go check it out...  She is so awesome!  You seriously won't ever want to wear a normal t-shirt again.

I was heading down to Walt Disney World this past week to visit Mickey, Belle and all my Disney friends and I didn't have time to attempt this before I left.  So I packed my shirt and a pair of scissors and did this in about 15 minutes in the room before we headed out for the day.

I couldn't be happier with the results!  It was perfect to wear in the 95 degree Florida sunshine and to meet Kylo Ren and Chewbacca at MGM (aka Disney Hollywood Studios)!

I'm not going to show the steps necessary to do this as I don't want to steal Wobi Sobi's thunder so PLEASE do yourself a favor and visit her blog!  You will be so glad you did and you will get lost in all of her designs and no-sew options just in time for summer!

When something is this awesome and turns out so well, I felt the need to share.  Happy Cutting!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Look In Your Closet for Decor Inspiration: Navy & White

I recently read an article which had a pretty basic, yet amazingly brilliant premise.... LOOK INTO YOUR CLOSET TO INSPIRE YOUR DECOR.  I wish I could remember where I found this because it was a really intriguing piece.

It was basically saying since fashion and style is such a personal thing unique to each individual, it is a pretty accurate representation of our likes and dislikes.  After reading this article, I most definitely DID NOT have to run upstairs, throw open my closet doors and find my inner design guru.  My go to color - has been and always will be - NAVY BLUE.  Its seriously like an obsession.  My car is navy blue, my living room and dining room are navy blue,  I just love it!

So, when deciding to give my foyer a Spring spruce up, its no surprise that I chose to add a pop of navy and white!  And so far, I LOVE it!

This was my foyer and don't get me wrong - I LOVED the yellow but I found it to be a tad boring after a while.

So I decided to jump on the industrial chic bandwagon and strip the black buffet and make in industrial and paint the traditional wall with chalkboard paint.  And it was SO fun .... for about a month.  It just wasn't me.  It was fun to draw and be creative but I wasn't feeling all WELCOME HOME when I walked in the door everyday.  So I'm changing it AGAIN.  LOL

I washed the chalkboard wall, allowed it to dry and simply primed over it with a white primer.  Then I taped off the lines with painters tape and went to work!

 TA DA!  I absolutely love it and the best thing is that is was FREE!  I had all the supplies and paint already and so once inspiration hit me, about three hours later, I had the finished product!  And I really, really like it.

My $39.99 buffet from a thrift shop is also getting a makeover.  First it was this.  Bleah.  Then my sister surprised me and painted it black which was really pretty.  And then I stripped it and made it pseudo industrial and now its going grey (sadly, just like me - ugh)!  I'm really excited about the total change in the foyer just using paint.  I'll post more updates as they happen!  The warmer weather has me now doing outdoor projects and clean up.  SO much to do!   As always, thanks for stopping by!