Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kitchen Backsplash... Stencil or Stone? Stone!

I found this on Pinterest and really love the rich, warm feeling this stacked stone backsplash brings.

But then I found this stenciled backslash idea on Etsy.  It could be really pretty and economical.

Since I have been SLOWLY changing my kitchen over from bright green to a calming grey blue, I have the itch to change up the backsplash.  I decided on the stencil effect done in blue and white.  I bought a roll of white adhesive contact paper and cut out the pieces by hand.  SHOOT ME!  

I painted a patch and applied one of the stencils "just to see".  I decided this could be totally adorable.  

So just as I was almost done cutting out all the pieces I would need to begin application, I found this stacked stone on special at a home outlet store.  I could do the entire backsplash for under $100.  WHAT?  I did some serious calculations regarding Bang for your Buck and already having the under cabinet lights in place to highlight the stone - yes the Beachwalk stacked stone was the WINNER!  

A few years ago, this is what I started with.  Wood trim cabinets, brass hardware and the creme de la creme - hunter green formica countertops.  Yay me.

So, I painted the wood trim white to blend in with the cabinets, painted my formica to look like black granite, added a wood backsplash to match and changed out the hardware.  HUGE difference.  

The countertop area prepared for the stone - cutting around the outlets is not going to be fun.  :-(

Here is the stacked stone well "stacked" up against the wall so I could see how this would look in my kitchen.  I instantly LOVED it.  It will totally give a natural and coastal look to the kitchen.  Coupled with the color, the kitchen went from WOW and loud to Ahhh and very calming.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the black and green harlequin decor, but the day after it was done, I wished I had painted it blue instead.  Now here - four years later - it is to be blue.   I can't wait to finish this.

Here again is just another angle to show how it is eventually going to look.  Lots of work to do but I am eager to get this project completed so I can share the final result!


  1. Nice idea & progress Tracy! Be careful of your pretty counters! Haha!! I am trying to work up a blog too, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I have no clue how to reserve the blogspot name or anything. However, I do have a beginner blog, and uploaded a bazillion pics *most* of the rooms in my home. (the office is a disaster office/playroom now, and UGLY & the laundry room is a work in-progress). I'd love for you to take a look at my blog...... I look forward to the progress of your kitchen. The grey/blue will be WONDERFUL! I love it.

    1. Hi Susan. Congrats on jumping into the blogosphere. I would be happy to look at your blog but let me tell you it will be like the blind leading the blind - I'm still pretty clueless. :-)

  2. BTW I cannot BELIEVE you got the stone for $100! OMG!

    1. I know - sometimes I just fall into these things. I picked out each piece by hand - I'm so anal. LOL

  3. Haha! I can see doing that! If I'm buying something at a store and there are 6 of them, I examine all 6 before selecting which one I buy. LMAO! Also, I think I am figuring the blog thing out. Weird and new to me though. So I figured out that I'm www.decoratingdamsel.blogspot.com. And I figured out backgrounds and fonts and such.

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