Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rhoda Morgenstern called, she wants her light back! :-)

In the upstairs foyer, there has always been this unassuming poor excuse for track lighting light.  When I look at it, it always reminded me of something from the 1970s as if it should be in Greg Brady's room shining on a Carpenters poster.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Since I am in the middle of remodeling (aka destroying) the foyer along with every other room in my house, it had come time for the light to go.  The stripes you see above were to hide any shrinking seams from the green floral wallpaper that is FINALLY history to be covered by the bright LEMON primer as showcased on the other wall that was a paint option which proved to be a mistake.  :-)

Enter this open box beauty I found on the clearance shelf at Menard's.  It was only $19.99 and even though the box was pretty disheveled, it appeared that all of the pieces were present and accounted for and nothing was broken.   For $20 bucks, it was worth a shot so I bought it!

I removed the Rhoda light and unfortunately it left two large holes in the ceiling.  I simply put white masking tape over them to prevent them from becoming a spider portal for anything looking to escape from the attic.  I am not sure that is even a real possibility but two pieces of tape are worth the piece of mind it offered.  :-)

Ta-Da!  A few minutes later, the light was up and it even lit (a very good thing)!  I really like the way I can adjust the lights to shine on the different walls.  The bright lemonhead yellow primer is not something I want to showcase right now and hopefully will soon be a gallery wall to my Disney art collection.

I chose not to repair the holes right now because I am going to beadboard this part of the ceiling in the very near future.  I am quite thrilled with my bargain light fixture and cannot wait for this area of the house to be completed.

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