Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goodwill TRICK becomes a Halloween TREAT!

As I was browsing Goodwill for any interesting Halloween items, I came across this lovely candlestick for only $2.99 and a candle which fit perfectly for only 99 cents.

When I got home, I noticed it was pretty beat up and one piece was even cracked.  It didn't matter because the spray paint will camouflage it nicely.

So, I took it all apart and spayed it with the awesome $1.00 spray paint from Wal-Mart which I love for trivial tasks such as this.  It covers nicely and does the job for basically pennies.

I sprayed it a shiny black and then Rub N Buffed it in silver to bring out some of the detail and to glam it up a little bit.  I also rubbed the gold rod silver so it wouldn't be quite so noticeable through the glass pieces and it worked out wonderfully.  I had these adhesive glitter decals in my Halloween stash and it worked perfectly on the short candle.  It is finished and put away until October but I really like the way it turned out.  A classic spooky candlestick and candle for under $5.00.  Nothing scary about that.  :-)

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