Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ralph Lauren Chicago store - American flag improperly displayed...

I was in the Ralph Lauren store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago which is amazing and took some photos of their Olympic uniform displays.

Inside the store is this gorgeous display case showcasing all things London 2012.  But as I looked at the photo, it quickly dawned on me and hit me like a ton of bricks.  The American Flag - the coveted Star Spangled Banner - the Stars and Stripes - is BACKWARDS!  Are you kidding me?

Now we all know that poor Ralph is having a bad couple of months with the whole "Uniforms-gate"and the public outrage that the uniforms for Team USA were indeed made in China.  And in Ralph's defense, so are the Nike, Adidas, and other major brands the Olympians will be wearing.

But what upsets me the most is that this display has probably been up for a while and no one has noticed it?  No employees, no tourists, no customers, etc?  Come on people - get a clue.

My Dad was a veteran and also a HUGE patriot.  He would only fly the flag if there was a light on it, he would ceremoniously fold it when he took it down and rarely flew it in inclement weather.  He taught me all about flag etiquette and I feel it is very important to honor the American flag because of everything it represents. Here are the proper ways to display the American flag:

Horizontally is a no-brainer with the stars on top and to the left or the flag's right.  However, when hanging vertically, the union needs to be to the viewer's left or the flag's right.  Ralph Lauren has it backwards and even though it is for aesthetic purposes in a store display, it is wrong and disrespectful.

Ralph Lauren Olympic attire display at Macy's on State Street in Chicago
Now, I don't hate Ralph for the whole uniforms thing and I actually think they are awesome but I don't have $125 to spend on a shirt and I don't think most Americans do.  And anyone who has read my blog knows my extreme affinity for all things Ralph Lauren.  But China?  Yes - it stings a little bit.

I loved the Roots uniforms and they were made in Canada and they were awesome but hey - it was still Canada.  Ralph Lauren is quintessentially American and I think he is a good choice.  But I do wish that showing your pride for the US wasn't so out of touch for so many Americans, especially in this economy.

With the Roots line of shirts and the famous berets, it was available at the Target stores and I felt like it was much more communal and we were all sporting the red, white and blue that you could pick up when you went in for window cleaner and school supplies.  The Ralph Lauren collection is SO expensive and not as readily available.  I don't feel it truly represents the nation as most of the people who comprise it  cannot partake in the Olympic fever simply because they don't have $150 to spend on a shirt.  I will wait until next year when they are on eBay for $25 bucks.  Free shipping of course.  :-)


  1. ...thank you for posting about it...hopefully someone will change the window flag...

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