Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Have a Disney day... at your own house!

Everytime any member of our family left our house, my Dad would always say, kiddingly, "Have a Disney day!" It really had little to do with Mickey Mouse or Walt Disney World, but the attitude and happiness that is Disney.

Cast members in the Disney resorts around the world are always so pleasant, calm and happy. Shouldn't we all try to live that way?

Men, women, and children of all ages have an affinity for Disney and Mickey Mouse. Who doesn't love Buzz and Woody or Cinderella? The one thing I have come to love about Disney is their attention to detail with everything. This week I am going to be posting about the architecture, gardens and decor which we can use as inspirations for our own homes.

Source: wdwinfo.com

The Disney Resorts in Orlando cover most every design style. From coastal chic at the Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach Clubs, to modern elegance at Bay Lake Tower and the rustic life at the Wilderness Lodge. There are gorgeous moldings, artwork, tile work, etc. I am going to be highlighting some of the more beautiful places in Disney World over the next few days. I hope you will come back to see the amazing Disney designs in all of their General Splendour. See ya real soon!

Source: Flower Picture Gallery
Have a Disney day! :-)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday... You have Cancer!

Today is my birthday!

But even more importantly, it is also the five year of my breast cancer diagnosis. This morning I went for a run to prove to myself that I am strong and healthy. In 2006, I spent my birthday undergoing an emergency mammogram, ultrasound and needle biopsy! For the record, a cancer diagnosis is the worst birthday gift EVER!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Love Awnings!

Source: NY Times

Ever since I was a little kid, I can always remember my Mom loving a house with awnings. Our house was green and white and we had the prettiest white and yellow awnings over the back patio doors and windows. We would go for walks on a summer evening and she would always point out how much better awnings could make a house look. Like you could ring the door bell and the people inside would be awesome and offer you a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. I guess my Mom's influence stuck because I am still inclined to feel the same.

Source: ahoegee.com

And think of when you are strolling down a street and come across a shoppe with an awning over a window or door, doesn't it just make you want to stop in to have a look? How perfectly quaint.

Source: Taylormadeawning.com

Growing up a tennis player, for some reason tennis and awnings have always been synonymous. Be it over the doors of a tennis club or over a bench on the courts, they just always added a special touch.

Source: worldtennismagazine.com

Source: Talbot Tennis

Even at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island has a trademark awning. I was on the stringing staff there for the men's tournament one summer - a remarkable place.

Source: Examiner.com/Rich Neher

Now that I am coming down the home stretch for my shed makeover, I have decided to add an awning over the doors. Nothing fancy I assure you, just maybe one made out of a canvas drop cloth to give it a touch of elegance. How fantastic does this awning look?

Source: House Beautiful

This was totally my inspiration picture until I passed The Capital Grille restaurant - I almost crashed as the exterior was SO gorgeous! As I Googled them, these awnings seem to be their trademark. I would definitely eat there JUST for the awnings. LOL!

The little awning there on the left with the two spotlights is Heaven! I don't know what to do now. I am so leaning towards this design with a monogram in the middle. But then I see the black and white striped picture and I am confused all over again!
Source: Capital Grille

Now for the color, design, etc. I LOVE black and white striped awnings. Especially on my green and white shed, I think it would look lovely. There is just something about a black and white crisp awning that is so beautiful. So no matter what, black and white is the color choice.

Design? I could have a flat straight awning. I could have a spear awning. I guess I just have to wing it with a drop cloth, two cans of spray paint and a furring strip. We shall see! :-)

Source: alibaba.com

Source: phoenixtent.coim

Source: ahoegee.com

Source: morancanvas.com

And then, of course, my hero and style guru, Ralph Lauren, reinforces my love of awnings. *sigh*

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sorry, but Life can really suck sometimes!

So I got my Homegoods mirror back from the glass place and it turned out PERFECTLY PERFECT! The glass man said normally mirrors this thin will shatter but we lucked out and it was fine!

I started painting my ceiling this morning to get it ready for the trim work and adornments I found at Hobby Lobby - so cute. These little beauties were rust so I sprayed them white. I shut off the electric, unwired the chandelier, spray painted some areas which needed to be touched up and I was all ready.

Before I stepped onto the ladder, some little voice was inside me saying, "Shouldn't you wait for help.....". Me? Wait for help? NO! Never! I actually did cave and call a few people but no luck so I pushed on.

I got the chandelier wired and I was just about to put the medallion in place when BAM! The wires came untwisted and the whole mess came crashing down! Of course, the medallion took the brunt of it and it is now in a bunch of tiny pieces. R U KIDDING ME?

The irony of all this? The stupid mirror didn't break! Just the trim pieces around it. I am SO mad! Firstly, I am out $24.99 plus the cost of the hole, but now I don't know if I can ever find another mirror like that and if so - I just KNOW the mirror will break if I try to drill a hole into it. Such is my life!

Hope your Saturday is going a little better than mine! :-(

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swedish Mora Clock or Swedish Pancakes?

MINI is in and people love it! Mini M & M's, oreos, Reese Cups, even people!

Well, could it work with a Swedish Mora Clock? I remember when I was a teenager and saw one of these in a store with my Mom. I instantly fell in love.


I like the soft lines and the round face and that Scandanavian feel. What I don't like is the price tag - ouch! Even at resale stores these can be over $1000. Lucky for me, I was able to find one for $8.50! Yep - you heard it right - eight dollars and fifty cents! For the price of a plate of Swedish pancakes, I finally found my Mora Clock! There is a catch however, it is only 14 inches tall! :-)

I found this at a thrift store and it was so really cute! But I wasn't loving the country look. So, I removed the floral appliques and gave it a few quick coats of spray paint.

I love it! I don't know if I am going to add anything else to it or leave it plain. The bright white is going to look smashing against my navy walls. I get to pay homage to my beloved "Something's Gotta Give" Hampton-esque decor without the "rich - diculous" price tag! And it is much easier to move around!

Source: Hookedonhouses.net

Monday, July 11, 2011

HOMEGOODS Mirror = Ceiling Medallion!

I had no intention of shopping yesterday, but when a sister calls and says those famous words, "Wanna take a ride?", whatza girl to do. :-)

So, we stopped at HOMEGOODS - my achilles heel, my weak spot, my addiction. I was almost out of the store with my credit cards miraculously untouched, and then I saw it! Cue the music please...

I was looking for something unique for my dining room ceiling and the poor chandelier which - as embarrassed as I am to admit - is still in the state of an unfinished makeover.

Then I saw this mirror laying against the wall. All sorts of synapses started firing in my brain and I thought how great would this be as a ceiling medallion?

It was only $24.99! I called around to find a "mirror guy" who could drill a 2" hole. I got prices from $75 down to $10 and no liability for breakage - understandable. I am going with the $10 guy who, as luck would have it,was also the most polite person out of everyone I called. Imagine that. AND if it breaks, we can try it again with a replacement mirror for only $12. BONUS!

It will be a few days until I get it back but I am so excited about how this is going to look. I was going to paint it white but I think the rubbed silver will complement the room so much better and be a much softer, elegant look. It has a subtle brown rub which I hope will complement the cherry table color.

It is a rainy Monday so tennis is postponed which means I get some project time - YAY! The dining room is just one big unfinished mess. Here is a current picture - YIKES!

I have to make the cabinet doors and finish the vent extension for the window seat and then I can hopefully finish the room rather quickly. I am going to attempt to paint my underlayment to look like hardwood floors because they are SO not in the budget but that is the last thing to be completed. So much for my Easter Sunday deadline. Maybe Christmas? :-) Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Breast Cancer Check-up today! Yuck!

So today was my breast cancer check-up at the University of Chicago. I hate this day. Walking into the building, you never know what is going to show up on a lab report or a scan. I never know how much my life will be changed walking back out. Not to mention I got stuck in the parking garage - that is a whole nuther story. :-)

My life always seems to come to a crashing halt the week before my appointment and for about a full day after. The anxiety, the worry, the crippling fear, etc. I made some progress in my shed over the holiday weekend but I feel I should have gotten so much more done. My dining room is at a halt because of my indecisiveness on my ceiling but I finally figured out what I want to do there. Now I just have to find the time to do it. Now that my appointment is over, I can get back to work! I am so excited about my shed but still lots of work to do before I can post!

The check-up went well, I usually cry and I did so again today. My oncologist holds my face in her hands and tells me I am doing well and I am a survivor. It breaks me up every time. I am very lucky to have the Oprah Winfrey equivalent of a breast cancer specialist. She is awesome! Some decisions need to be made with new meds and potential surgeries but right now, I am stable. Thank God!

Enjoy your day and please, get your mammograms! If not for yourself, for those who love you!

Monday, July 4, 2011

A few things I love about the 4th of July...

HAPPY 4th OF JULY! I just love this holiday! I love wearing red, white and blue! This is my hat of choice today - totally not kidding. Every time I wear it people think it is totally awesome and not obnoxious at all. Gotta love America!

Obviously, I LOVE fireworks and the patriotic music and marches that go with them! I LOVE the big boomers that set off car alarms or the slow fireworks that fill up the entire sky and seem to take forever to drift down to the ground. I love sparklers and the noise they make. I love the smell of fireworks! I love 4th of July sing-a-longs with the traditional folk songs like This Land is Your Land, My Country Tis of Thee, God Bless America, etc. I love the drum and bugle corps with the tin whistles! Just awesome!!

I love decorating my house for the 4th and my item of choice has always been bunting! I love the fact that it looks like the President is on his way over to join me for lunch!

And of course the menu would include barbecue, bratwursts, hot dogs, salads, patriotic desserts, and lemonade! All quintessentially American (well except for the bratwurst but hey, they are from Wisconsin!)

And don't you just love red, white and blue food? Something about a color coordinated holiday menu just screams CELEBRATE to me! The 4th of July is so easy since all the foods these colors are in season. Funny how that worked out. If they had signed the Declaration of Independence in November, we would have been out of luck!

Even two of my favorite things, the Chicago Cubs and Mickey Mouse just scream USA. The Cubs logo is even red, white and blue. How great is that? Ok so they are totally awful this season, loyalty and patience are quintessential American traits. :-)

I get goosebumps just thinking of this day and our Forefathers and the amazing history of the United States of America! And lest we not forget all members of our armed forces and the sacrifices they make everyday to preserve and protect our rights and FREEDOM! Don't ever take that for granted because it comes at a hefty price. Enjoy your holiday and God Bless America!

All the images in this post were free domain. If I unknowingly used your photo, please contact me and I will remove it or source it. Thank you!