Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sorry, but Life can really suck sometimes!

So I got my Homegoods mirror back from the glass place and it turned out PERFECTLY PERFECT! The glass man said normally mirrors this thin will shatter but we lucked out and it was fine!

I started painting my ceiling this morning to get it ready for the trim work and adornments I found at Hobby Lobby - so cute. These little beauties were rust so I sprayed them white. I shut off the electric, unwired the chandelier, spray painted some areas which needed to be touched up and I was all ready.

Before I stepped onto the ladder, some little voice was inside me saying, "Shouldn't you wait for help.....". Me? Wait for help? NO! Never! I actually did cave and call a few people but no luck so I pushed on.

I got the chandelier wired and I was just about to put the medallion in place when BAM! The wires came untwisted and the whole mess came crashing down! Of course, the medallion took the brunt of it and it is now in a bunch of tiny pieces. R U KIDDING ME?

The irony of all this? The stupid mirror didn't break! Just the trim pieces around it. I am SO mad! Firstly, I am out $24.99 plus the cost of the hole, but now I don't know if I can ever find another mirror like that and if so - I just KNOW the mirror will break if I try to drill a hole into it. Such is my life!

Hope your Saturday is going a little better than mine! :-(

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