Monday, July 11, 2011

HOMEGOODS Mirror = Ceiling Medallion!

I had no intention of shopping yesterday, but when a sister calls and says those famous words, "Wanna take a ride?", whatza girl to do. :-)

So, we stopped at HOMEGOODS - my achilles heel, my weak spot, my addiction. I was almost out of the store with my credit cards miraculously untouched, and then I saw it! Cue the music please...

I was looking for something unique for my dining room ceiling and the poor chandelier which - as embarrassed as I am to admit - is still in the state of an unfinished makeover.

Then I saw this mirror laying against the wall. All sorts of synapses started firing in my brain and I thought how great would this be as a ceiling medallion?

It was only $24.99! I called around to find a "mirror guy" who could drill a 2" hole. I got prices from $75 down to $10 and no liability for breakage - understandable. I am going with the $10 guy who, as luck would have it,was also the most polite person out of everyone I called. Imagine that. AND if it breaks, we can try it again with a replacement mirror for only $12. BONUS!

It will be a few days until I get it back but I am so excited about how this is going to look. I was going to paint it white but I think the rubbed silver will complement the room so much better and be a much softer, elegant look. It has a subtle brown rub which I hope will complement the cherry table color.

It is a rainy Monday so tennis is postponed which means I get some project time - YAY! The dining room is just one big unfinished mess. Here is a current picture - YIKES!

I have to make the cabinet doors and finish the vent extension for the window seat and then I can hopefully finish the room rather quickly. I am going to attempt to paint my underlayment to look like hardwood floors because they are SO not in the budget but that is the last thing to be completed. So much for my Easter Sunday deadline. Maybe Christmas? :-) Happy Holidays!

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  1. Can't wait to see the painted floor. I have a dining room with wall-to-wall carpeting and I'm not a fan, but like you, hardwood is not in the budget.