Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Here - Downton Day is finally here! :-) Happy viewing...

Finally!  I have bided my time waiting for Season 3 of Masterpiece Classic's Downton Abbey watching the Notre Dame football team go 12-0 and become number one in the country, Memorial Day, Wimbledon, Labor Day, the US Open, Halloween, Christmas and New Year's, etc.

But, alas, the time has finally come.  It is so funny how people are making such a big deal about this but if you don't get, you obviously aren't watching.  I cannot wait for those first few beats of that invigorating music, the ringing of the bells on the servant wall, etc.  I cannot wait.  I hope you are excited too and I simply wanted to wish you all Happy Viewing.

I have not cheated and read the spoilers so I really only have a few inklings of what is in store for the Crawleys.  Are you going to watch?  There is so much going on with the NFL playoffs and Once Upon A Time coming back on but Downton will reign supreme tonight for me!  Enjoy!

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