Sunday, August 28, 2011

C25K - You can be a runner - yes YOU! It WORKS! Even for ME!

I have always been an athlete. When I was five I had a Chicago Bears Dick Butkus #51 jersey.

Tennis is a big deal in my life. I absolutely love it and cannot remember when I was not known for being a tennis player, instructor, or coach. I also played soccer and ran track as a sprinter. Long distance running has always been the bane of my existence! I have always envied "runners". They all have those cool marathon shirts and look like they truly enjoy running for hours at a time - what are they nuts? Then I heard about the C25K. I was like WHAT IS THAT? I thought I would give it a try and I'm shocked to admit it has changed my life!

If you keep your ears open or ask around, someone knows someone who is doing this! Its huge!

C25K is a training program which stands for Couch to a 5 k race in only 9 weeks. In 27 workouts, it takes you from walking with a little bit of running and pushes you as a pace you can totally handle. You can even repeat weeks if you are not ready to advance. Being a breast and ovarian cancer survivor, it is crucial for me to maintain an ideal weight. The problem is that my "ideal" weight and that of my oncology team is a little different. :-) Fat cells house estrogen which can wreak havoc on my cancers and my overall health. I like to bike and walk but I have always hated running! I mean HATE it - mostly because I could never do it. Until now.

I started the program and downloaded the app to my iPod Touch and I can even run to my own playlist. My crazy playlist has everything from Mamma Mia soundtrack to Glee to High School Musical songs. Anything that keeps me running!

I am now on week SIX and I couldn't be happier. The other night I was so nervous because the workout called for a 5 minute walk followed by a 20 minute run with a 5 minutes cool down. R U KIDDING ME? I took my time and stayed focused and I did it! I felt like Rocky Balboa reaching my driveway after I completed W5D3 (week 5 day 3). Such an amazing feeling! I am actually looking for 5k that I can sign up for. Never in a million years would I ever expect to do this!

My sister who isn't quite the athlete is starting on Monday as she says I have inspired her. We are going to start it together and I will run it on my off days. I just wanted to post this because if you have ever wanted to run - START TODAY! This totally works and it will change your life! I PROMISE!

Maybe you have always wanted to run too or just "do something". Now that the kids have gone back to school or you have some extra time here and there, why not give it a try? Best part- its free. Put on some sneakers, and just use a watch to do the sequences. I recommend the app $2.99 and worth every penny) but if you don't have an iPod or smart phone, you can use a good old fashioned watch or cell phone as a stop watch. Try it and let me know what you think. Just try it once - the first workout is a 5 minute walk followed by 60 seconds of running followed by 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes and a 5 minute cool down walk. That's not too bad, right? I guarantee you will feel so proud of yourself once you are finshed! Only three times a week!

And with these glorious days of fall with Carolina blue skies and warm temperatures, why not give yourself the gift of 30 minutes outdoors in the Autumn sunshine. YOU CAN DO IT - you can be a runner! Good luck and Happy Running!

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