Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do they have rehab for Craigslist addicts? I SO need it!

FUNNY t-shirt. I bet I can find it on... wait for it.... CRAIGSLIST! LMAO!

I am to the point where if I see someone in a furniture store paying like $800 for a night stand, I just want to go up to them and klunk 'em in the head and say REALLY? I mean REALLY? Hey crazy lady, haven't you ever heard of Craigslist? Or spray paint? LOL!

Craigslist is like a treasure trove of everything - it never ceases to amaze me what I can find on there. Being in the Chicago area, there is definitely not a shortage of people a little touched in the head. But on the upside, if you are looking for something, chances are you will not only find it, but will have multiples from which to choose on Craigslist Chicago.

It was a lovely late summer rainy day today so I was on Craigslist a little longer than I should have been but it paid off! I scored some amazing molding - 4 1/2 inch crown - 121 feet total in 16' lengths! Hello! So this means very little matching as I can have full pieces from wall to wall. I got it for about 41 cents a linear foot! AWESOME!

I also have my eye on something else but I have to think long and hard about this one. But I LOVE it and it is not sold yet. Yay! I may be posting later this week about my find!

As I finish my dining room in the next month, my table and chairs are from Craigslist! My dining room table is from a travel agency! How great is that?

I even have my tennis players buying racquets from Craigs and the parents are thrilled with the savings! Although some of the expressed concerns about safety and the infamous "Craigslist Killer!" But hey, if I am getting a night stand for $15, sometimes its worth the risk! LOL - Kidding! I am always super safe - I never go alone - and I try to meet in a public place. But I so don't see this poor man hauling 121 feet of molding into Panera! :-) I guess I will have to meet him in the parking lot - this time.

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