Monday, August 22, 2011


Ok so maybe I am not offering $10,000 but maybe a box of Frango Mints (Chicago legend), Notre Dame football tickets, HomeGoods gift card? I know all of us are in and out of thrift stores, resale shops, warehouse sales, etc. So I am asking for your help!

Now that I have my thrift store chairs that need to be completely re-done, I am more determined than ever to find this Ralph Lauren fabric over which I have been obsessing for years!

It is discontinued - that I know but some furniture stores still have it and they won't sell it to me unless it is on - well - a piece of furniture! LOL I know a bolt is just sitting somewhere in a store or clearing house. I mean really - how many people want tennis racquet upholstered furniture in their house? I am thinking only a select few so there has to be some of this stuff around SOMEWHERE! There is white with blue racquets but just as hard to find! I know Townhouse Galleries - a furniture store chain in Alabama lists it on their website but they have never responded to my attempts. And there is no way I would ever pay the $275/yard MSRP. An on-line fabric store had it on clearance for $24.95 a yard but I was too late! INFO:

It is by Ralph Lauren - Tennis Club Embroidery - Navy. It is a navy blue cotton fabric with white embroidered tennis racquets.

Product No: SKU LFY30007F
Cover Type: Ditsy
Description: Tennis Club Embroidery - Navy
Category: Accessories
Cover Collection: Coastal Harbor
Horizontal repeat: 7.5 inch, vertical repeat: 7.75 inch
Construction: 100 Percent cotton
Additional Information To insure the long life and beauty of this piece, avoid excessive sunlight, dampness, and hot or cold conditions.

That is all I know about it - it used to be on the Ralph Lauren Home website but no more. If you ever come across any information about this fabric or see it somewhere - PLEASE contact me! I will esteem you forever and be eternally grateful! Who says love means nothing to a tennis player? THANK YOU!


  1. Perhaps this is a lame solution but trolling ebay once a week is a good idea. I would not search "RL" but "tennis racquet fabric" in the hopes that someone has no idea what the manufacturer or designer is.
    I got 2.5 yards of Brunschwig that retails for $300ish for $20 total.

  2. Thanks Kerry! About a year ago I did get a 1 x 1 foot sample of the white material for $5 on ebay but I will continue the search! Your score was amazing - NICE!

  3. Tracy, there is the fabric you are looking for on ebay right now. under relph lauren blue and white tennis fabric. Note the miss spelling.

  4. MPY - YOU have made my day! My MONTH! You are fantastic and I could not be more excited that you left me this comment! How did you ever find it with the misspelled name? I will let you know if I have success! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


    1. Hello - THANK YOU! My search is now complete thanks to your comment. I found the navy blue with white racquets in England courtesy of a helpful reader. Now I have the white with navy blue racquets. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help - that was so very sweet! Thank you again and have a great day today! :-)