Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spooky Outdoor Halloween Candles!

WOW! So hard to believe that Labor Day already. But I must admit I am super excited for cooler weather, harvest cuisine, fall colors, college football and Autumn holidays. I LOVE FALL!

But, I also love Halloween! It may be a little premature to talk about Halloween decorations and table scapes, but it is the perfect time to talk about DIY projects that go bump in the night!

I was Googling Halloween stuff a few years ago and came upon these AWESOME homemade candles. As the cooler weather starts to creep in (no pun intended) and a quick stop at HomeGoods today, my thoughts turned to Halloween. Side note: HOMEGOODS Halloween collection is unbelievable! The stuff they have this year is so over the top - I could have spent SO much money there today but I behaved. The black and silver is so chic - paired with skulls and spiders - way cool!

I decided to search again for this project and YAY - I found it! I just think they are so eerie and brilliant that I had to share. They are made out of PVC and even though they seem a little involved, I think they would SO be worth the effort! And I can only imagine them in my planters with evergreens for the Christmas holidays! SWEET!

Here is another picture of them in her graveyard - this woman is AMAZING!

Her HOW TO Tutorial can be found here! I guess there are different versions out there but I like that she used Christmas lights so she could put them on a timer and not have to use batteries. SO COOL!

I think these are totally amazing and I hope to construct a set or two in time for Halloween! BOO!

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