Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mini Thrift Makeovers! Love You Rub N Buff

I came across a bag today buried in my trunk full of three little thrift store treasures and decided to wash and paint them up today!

I loved the detail on the little frame and the cherry and gold was pretty but not my colors. The cherub potpourri holder was cute but I needed it to be silver. And the ice bucket was adorable but the handle was pitted and awful. Enter Rub n Buff - my favorite thing!

I prefer to use my fingers because I think it works the best that way but my fingers look like the tin man for a few days until it wears away.

I decided to paint the frame white and rub it silver. When it was completed, I didn't like it as well as I thought I would. So I decided to makeover the makeover. :-) I painted it black and rubbed it silver and I am much happier. I have to fix a few mess ups. Whoops.

The cherub thinga-ma-jig - bowl? Candle holder? Potpourri dish? It caught my eye because the bow on top. I LOVE bows. I was looking for something to hold my AROMATIQUE Splendour in the Bath potpourri (LOVE) in the bathroom upstairs which has all chrome fixtures. I gave it a little silver rub n buff and I really like the way it turned out.

My favorite item of the three is the ice bucket. It turns out that it is from a company called Heller Co. from Brooklyn, NY and quite collectible. Not bad for $2.50! :-)

A few people picked it up and put it down because of the awful handle, but I couldn't leave it there.

I love the way the handle comes off and little glass knobs hold it in place. Too cool. I rubbed both sides of the handle silver and I like it much better than the goldy brass. And the design on the handle is chevron and the silver rub really accentuates the pattern. Since my new dining room is going to be all silver - I cannot wait to use it!

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  1. Hello,
    Do you know anything about this ice bucket. Who made it or how much it's worth? I have the same bucket and I love it.