Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding: My Date!

Now that I have chosen my gown, I need a date! I could dig out my Mystery Date board game and open the door to see my luck or choose one of the men below. What is a girl to do?


If I could have any man on my arm - hands down - CARY GRANT! I have been in love with him since I was a young teen-ager. He is so handsome and his voice, his eyes, his mannerisms, his impeccable sense of humor and he is the most sartorially splendid stylist ever! I think he would be the perfect date - for the Royal Wedding and beyond!


Ok, if I had to pick someone living (LOL), there is a plethora of men I would love to have next to me at the ceremony. First and foremost:

2. Remington Steele / Pierce Brosnan

A close second to my "perfect man". When I started watching Remington Steele in high school, Mr. Steele was my huge crush and Laura Holt was my role model for a strong, beautiful and intelligent woman and I wanted to be her. Pierce looks amazing whether younger or older and will always be a crush. One of the most beautiful men EVER!

3. Matt Lauer

I love his intelligence, his silliness and his polish. Need I say more?

4. Colin Firth / Matthew McFadyen = Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy

CONFESSION: Jane Austen has ruined my life! LMAO! Why did she have to create Mr. Darcy? Why do I feel compelled to search for him my entire life?

I was crushing on Colin Firth long before I saw Pride & Prejudice. I love him in Love Actually, Bridget Jones, etc. He is so handsome and I love his voice and the accent. BONUS: He is obviously a home boy so he would be the perfect tour guide. *Sigh*


Oh Matthew. "I love you, most ardently! :-) You have bewitched me body and soul and I never wish to be parted from this moment on". Like I haven't watched that movie 100 times.



5. Hugh Grant

Love Actually, Notting Hill, the disheveled hair, the stammering delivery, could he be any more charming? Plus he is a golfer. The list goes on and on and on....



6. Jimmy Fallon

I cannot even imagine how fun it would be to spend the weekend in London with Jimmy Fallon. It would be a laugh riot from start to finish. Once he starts laughing, I am done. His laugh crax me up and he seems so normal. I think it would be very difficult to keep a straight face during the ceremony. Like getting in trouble as a kid when my brother and I would laugh in Church!

7. The Beast from Beauty and the Beast

OK, I know he is a cartoon character. But he is one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite movies! The way he treats Belle and the gentle way he shows her he truly loves her. And he cleans up so well - just check out the ballroom scene - he is truly handsome. Nice tails. He matches Belle's dress (like prom) and he even has an ascot! Maybe that is why I hate when he turns into the Prince at the end of the movie. Yuck! Bring back my beast! :-) Oh and he has a very nice house. Imagine blogging those room makeovers. LMAO!

Source: Walt Disney Studios

8. PATRICK DEMPSEY - McDreamy - the name says it all and he already has the suit from the ballroom scene in Enchanted! LOL

9. JOHN MCENROE - my childhood crush and how wonderful would it be to stop off at Wimbledon and hit a few? Plus, he is a member so that would work out quite splendidly!

10. Johnny Depp - just the coolest man on the planet!

Official Royal Wedding Website!

Who knew that Buckingham Palace had their own website? AND - there is an official Royal Wedding website - just wanted to share!

Enjoy! Let the countdown begin!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding: What Shall I Wear?

I am in a bit of a quandry this week as I have absolutely no idea to wear to the Royal Wedding! LOL! I can only imagine what the people whom were lucky enough to be invited are going through trying to decide on the perfect frock. I would be going completely bonkers if I were a guest. But to have that stress would be quite wonderful, wouldn't it?

Let's get it out of the way. My ultimate dress which I absolutely LOVE:


When I was a young girl, I watched SABRINA for the first time and when Audrey walked out in this dress, I was done. And sure enough, I have never found a dress I love more. The lines, the fabric, the silhouette, the bustle, it is completely amzaing. And is there anyone else who could have pulled it off? God no, of course not! My girl crush on Audrey had begun.

Here is an example of Royal Wedding Attire: GORGEOUS!

Other silver screen style gurus who could help me choose the perfect dress?

Grace Kelly! It helps that she even became a real life Princess! Give her wardrobe from High Society or Rear Window and I would be a very happy girl!


Doris Day! Her wardrobe in Pillow Talk - to die for!

Ginger Rogers! When I was about 12 I discovered these movies and have been a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers afficionado ever since! The clothes, the music, the eloquence - just breathtaking!

Is this dress from Enchanted (one of my fave movies) too much? LMAO!

Since I would definitely not want to upstage Princess Katherine, - how sweet am I?, I would acquiesce and choose something a little less showy! LOL

As I have stated many a time, I am obsessed with everything tartan and it helps that I am of Scottish decscent. I found this lovely tartan silk number however my Mom would haunt me if I ever went strapless in Church.

Or I could stay loyal to the USA and wear a design by my hero, Mr. Ralph Lauren.

Source: Ralph Lauren

Source: Ralph Lauren

Or Lilly Pulitzer - Oh which one to choose?

My favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress - the Lovell Shift. Ruffles! Need I say more?

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Royal Wedding ...

I must admit I am quite excited about the impending nuptials of our beloved Kate and William. Or should I say Katherine. I can remember watching the wedding of Princess Extraordinaire Lady Diana Spencer to Prince Charles when I was a little girl. My infatuation with Princess Diana never wavered - her charm, grace and eloquence were awe inspiring to me. Like Kate, she seemed like someone who was just a normal woman with whom I could totally see doing lunch and a bit of shopping. How funny that English Royalty seem to be more down to Earth than the spoiled brats of Hollywood.

Today is transom window project day!


It is yet another rainy, gloomy day here in Chicagoland and we are basically growing quite weary of the trend. On the upside, it looks like there will be no tennis practice today so I can devote a full day to the transom window construction without stopping at 2:00.

I started by cutting the flashing off the sides with my new oscillating tool. I love it! Made that job a piece of cake! I also began the framing and that is the progress thus far. I will hopefully be able to post a finished picture sometime in the next two days.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday - Free Tote Bag at Disney Store!

Good Friday is usually wet and gloomy. My Mom would always say that it wasn't supposed to be beautiful and sunny the day Jesus was crucified. But it isn't supposed to be sunny on Easter Sunday either. I am so sick of this cold, wet weather here in Illinois.

Went to the Disney Store for my free tote bag since today is also EARTH DAY! It is pretty cute and it is FREE - an Easter miracle in and of itself - something free from Disney! Just bring in 5 plastic shopping bags and get a re-usable tote. Very sweet and it is really very cute!

Also wanted to share this Good Friday comic I found - crax me up! Enjoy your day and give a little shout up to God letting him know you thought of him today and what he endured for us.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

CHAIR EMERGENCY! Opinions please!

Of course I cannot decide because I am awful at making decisions. I have found two chairs for my dining room that I LOVE most ardently! The problem is I absolutely cannot decide between the two and the sale for the tufted greys goes off in about three days! YIKES! Now you can see why I need your much valued opinions and advice:

Chair No. 1 - Cost Plus World Market

Chair No. 2 - HomeGoods

My Craigslist table:

My wall color which is a deep navy and still a work in progress:

Well, what do you think? I am completely smitten with the blue floral chairs but I am not sure if they will limit me as far as draperies and such. I would like to have the option of switching to tartan for the holidays and maybe a stripe for summer. But they are simple enough to "go" with anything. They are gorgeous!

But I also love the understated elegance of the grey tufted. I am so confused! Thanks for any input you can offer!