Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding: What Shall I Wear?

I am in a bit of a quandry this week as I have absolutely no idea to wear to the Royal Wedding! LOL! I can only imagine what the people whom were lucky enough to be invited are going through trying to decide on the perfect frock. I would be going completely bonkers if I were a guest. But to have that stress would be quite wonderful, wouldn't it?

Let's get it out of the way. My ultimate dress which I absolutely LOVE:


When I was a young girl, I watched SABRINA for the first time and when Audrey walked out in this dress, I was done. And sure enough, I have never found a dress I love more. The lines, the fabric, the silhouette, the bustle, it is completely amzaing. And is there anyone else who could have pulled it off? God no, of course not! My girl crush on Audrey had begun.

Here is an example of Royal Wedding Attire: GORGEOUS!

Other silver screen style gurus who could help me choose the perfect dress?

Grace Kelly! It helps that she even became a real life Princess! Give her wardrobe from High Society or Rear Window and I would be a very happy girl!


Doris Day! Her wardrobe in Pillow Talk - to die for!

Ginger Rogers! When I was about 12 I discovered these movies and have been a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers afficionado ever since! The clothes, the music, the eloquence - just breathtaking!

Is this dress from Enchanted (one of my fave movies) too much? LMAO!

Since I would definitely not want to upstage Princess Katherine, - how sweet am I?, I would acquiesce and choose something a little less showy! LOL

As I have stated many a time, I am obsessed with everything tartan and it helps that I am of Scottish decscent. I found this lovely tartan silk number however my Mom would haunt me if I ever went strapless in Church.

Or I could stay loyal to the USA and wear a design by my hero, Mr. Ralph Lauren.

Source: Ralph Lauren

Source: Ralph Lauren

Or Lilly Pulitzer - Oh which one to choose?

My favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress - the Lovell Shift. Ruffles! Need I say more?

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