Thursday, April 21, 2011

CHAIR EMERGENCY! Opinions please!

Of course I cannot decide because I am awful at making decisions. I have found two chairs for my dining room that I LOVE most ardently! The problem is I absolutely cannot decide between the two and the sale for the tufted greys goes off in about three days! YIKES! Now you can see why I need your much valued opinions and advice:

Chair No. 1 - Cost Plus World Market

Chair No. 2 - HomeGoods

My Craigslist table:

My wall color which is a deep navy and still a work in progress:

Well, what do you think? I am completely smitten with the blue floral chairs but I am not sure if they will limit me as far as draperies and such. I would like to have the option of switching to tartan for the holidays and maybe a stripe for summer. But they are simple enough to "go" with anything. They are gorgeous!

But I also love the understated elegance of the grey tufted. I am so confused! Thanks for any input you can offer!


  1. I personally love chair #1, especially for the table. You can always add blue to the chair or even the table. It is such a beautiful chair and would make a great addition to your fabulous craigslist find! Also, you can always get chair #2 for the corner of your dining room.....

    Good luck!


  2. Tracy - I am totally leaning towards chair 1 - cheaper too. I can always get toile or floral slip covers for summer. Thanks!

  3. Why choose - go with a couple of each.

  4. Thanks for your help - I decided to go with the grey tufted and of course they are sold out at our local store! But they offered me a raincheck for the sale price to that works out perfectly! Now I can put them in place the day I buy them instead of letting them sit in boxes for a few more weeks.