Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dining Room progress.... PAINT!

Well, I finished priming and prepping the walls and ceiling. I decided to paint the dining room ceiling a calming grey to contrast the heavy dark walls. I will only use Olympic ceiling paint because it is AWESOME and Zero VOC so no harmful chemicals and no smell. I had it tinted to a very lovely grey color called SECRET PASSAGE and I love it!

CEILING DONE...CHECK! Now for the walls. I purchased a gallon of ACE Hardware paint called BLUE VELVET. I did not like it at all. After 6 samples and numerous sleepless nights, I thought I had finally decided on a color. NOPE! Not even close. So I re-visited the original colors and fell in love with BEHR STILETTO all over again. I purchased a gallon WITHOUT the built in primer and I LOVE IT! It is exactly the deep navy Ralph Lauren blue I was looking for. It is from the new BEHR Trends line and is from the Boudoir Goth Collection.

Here is a preliminary coat so you can see the results. This is a picture when it is freshly wet so it looks not so great. I have since painted a second coat and it dried beautifully! I went the MATTE FLAT finish to increase the richness and avoid the glare from the window. It is perfectly perfect.

Next up is wainscoting, the transom window header, and knee wall bookcases. Yay!