Saturday, March 26, 2011

Second Hand Store Treasures of the Week...

I am trying to kick the thrift store habit.  Don't get me wrong - I am not going cold turkey but I am going to make sure I am much more selective in my purchases.  I tend to buy it because "so and so can use this", or "this is too good to pass up".  It ends up sitting in my house or garage and I end up donating it back to Goodwill.  NO MORE! 

So here are my two finds of the week.  First up, a very adorable wooden fruit bowl.  It had wooden fruit in it and I told the cashier that I just wanted the bowl.  Hopefully, they can sell the fruit to someone else.  I am going to paint it and use it for Easter eggs or seashells.  I really like it - only $5.00.  Whatta deal!

Secondly, I saw this khaki cotton pillow with a white pineapple logo and it is like new.  I really liked the look of this and when I opened the zipper.... TOMMY BAHAMA HOME!  Yippee!  $7.99 and 20% off.  Sweet!

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