Friday, March 4, 2011

Easy Wall Treatment - $15 bucks!

I have this awkward slanted wall in my kitchen and it needed "something".  Because of the crazy angle, I could not hang a picture or sign there and a "quote" would have been difficult to read.

So as I was in JoAnn Fabrics, I saw this amazing black and white scrapbooking paper.  My wheels started turning as to where in my kitchen I could use it.  I came up with a very simple, yet perfect idea.

By the time I purchased some flat trim molding and the paper, it cost me a whopping $15!  I absolute love it.  I finished it in about 2 hours.  I used the quick and easy and spray painted the molding on a drop cloth on my deck.  I used two way scotch tape to adhere the paper to the wall. 

I cut the scrapbooking paper into 4" sheets so I was able to get 3 linear feet per sheet.  Then I simply drew my lines with magic marker and stuck the sheets to the wall.  After that, I nailed on the trim and mitred the corners. 

This was taken right after I finally finished painting and right before adding the cornice over the patio doors.

This is the BEFORE picture - I have since refinished the counters and switched out the pendants which were once hanging in my bathroom.  Reduce, re-use, recycle whenever possible.

Here you can see that I simply taped the paper to the wall prior to adding the trim.  Since the pattern was so busy, you could not see where the papers met.  Make sure your lines are super straight and it will look perfectly perfect!

It gives the wall dimension and frames out the light perfectly without being overbearing.  I love it!  I am going to try to do this with a very subtle metallic stencil paint on my dining room ceiling when I get to that project later in the Spring!  So much to do! 

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