Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mom's Chandelier - MAKEOVER!

A dining room light can be the stuff of nightmares.  Crystal or no?  Chrome?  Oil rubbed bronze?  Linen shades?  Glass shades?  Tuscan?  and it goes on and on.  I always loved the crystal chandelier in the dining room.  It has rows and rows of crystals, little metal flowers and other embellishments.  It is not a heavy crystal chandelier - it feels very light and lacy.   But it is gold and brass and dated.  And dusty! 

Stripped and ready for a complete overhaul!

I found many chandeliers that I would LOVE to have in my dining room, such as...

Manhattan Chrome Six Light Chandelier
Brentwood Collection Chrome 6-Light Crystal ChandelierMartha Stewart chandelier
But they also have hefty pricetags.  So I am going to attempt a chandelier makeover.  The light has been stripped of everything and I took lots of pictures so I can put it back together like it was.  :-) 

I bought new white socket covers and Krylon silver chrome spray paint and silver paint rub.   This is going to be my project for Sunday.  I will take pictures so in case it turns out to be less than a total disaster, I can share the step by step process.  I know many have painted brass lights but it is usually black or oil rubbed - a darker color.   I have yet to find a chrome/silver spraypaint that shines.  They always end up so dull.  We shall see!  Until tomorrow.....

Yikes - that's a lot of parts!


  1. Oh I can't wait to see it all redone. I am sure it will be gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

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