Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chandelier progress...

Well we actually had thunder and lightning here in Chicagoland today so my plans to spray outside had to wait a few hours.  But alas, sunshine and no wind - always a good thing when spraypainting.

I was nervous about the finish - I know to get a true chrome finish you have to go to an auto shop and pay lotsa dollars.  So I found the Krylon Premium Silver Metallic spraypaint and also purchased the Rub n Buff in silver leaf.  I just didn't want that plain silver spray paint finish - that looks - well - spraypainted.  LOL

Here are the two medallions - gave them a bath along with all the glass and metal pieces I removed.  I also washed the light and all of the scrollwork and crystals - not fun.  The second picture is the after.  I am pleased - it is not a silver spray paint and as you can see there is a reflective quality to it.  I just wanted something to reflect the light and shine as opposed to a matte finish.  For the price paid - $5.49 at Hobby Lobby before the 40% off coupon.  Not a bad deal.  I would recommend it - it is not a true super shiny chrome - so don't expect it to be. 

              These medallions were in not-so-great shape - quite pitted and lost a lot of the brass finish.

I used the Rub n Buff Silver Leaf on all the little embellishments.  I wanted a slight contrast in color/finish and I also wanted to enhance some of the detail.  Sometimes spray painting can cover this up too much.  This stuff is GREAT!  Hobby Lobby - $3.99 for a tube that I will probably never use up in my lifetime.

Hang it from a tree - my favorite way to spray paint anything. 

Here is the after - I put the white plastic candle holders on there to protect the socket underneath and those took the chrome paint very well.  I actually like the drippy covers with the chrome.  I may not use the new plain white ones although I am thinking of using the plain white and just adding chrome stripe at the top. 

It is still drying and now I have to silver rub about 1,000 little bowties which hold the crystals together. I hope I don't break any bending and unbending them all.   Oh fun. 
 I will reveal the finished product in the next few days

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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  1. You are so ambitious! I can't wait to see the finished result