Sunday, March 27, 2011

I love you Craigslist!

Well I spent the better part of the weekend watching NCAA basketball and mulling over many offerings on Craigslist. I was looking for a round, pedestal dining room table and I found one! They wanted $150 and they accepted $100. 48" mahogany - Going to pick it up tomorrow! Sweet.

Then I was looking for a mirror for over the sideboard now that I have decided to not use the hutch. The mirror I want is $200 but I found a gorgeous alternative on Craigslist. Asking price was $60 and I got them down to $50. It is 57" wide x 37" tall - amazing!!! I am going to use the same spraypaint as on the chandelier with a little black and silver rub to highlight the detail. The seashell detail matches the seashell detail on the sideboard. YAY! I am going to bring a small bit of Holy Water with me to bless it before I put it in the van. My Mom used to tell me spooky stories about buying second hand mirrors and spirits being in them. I guess that is why they used to cover the mirrors when someone was sick in the house so in case they died the spirit wouldn't be drawn into the mirror. YIKES! CRAZY!!! Until tomorrow....


  1. I really need to spend more time on Craig's list - what amazing finds.

  2. Hi, Im ur latest follower, i found u on RMS. Ive been looking around ur posts and have to say, i just love the direction ur headed in the dining room. I simply love the chandy. It will turn out fab-a-lus, simply fab-a-lus, lol. I cant waite to see more! Check out my blog if ya get a chance , drop in and say hello..........Bonnie