Friday, March 25, 2011

Dining Room Shopping.... A Girl Can Dream

As my dining room is starting to take shape, I started to Google tables and chairs.  I probably won't be able to afford them for quite a while but here are some things I found that I absolutely LOVE!

TABLE - I know exactly what I want.... A solid, round pedestal.  I found this one - GORGEOUS!

CHAIRS - Again, I am pretty rote in what I like.  I found these and they are perfect as shown.  Classic styling with a contemporary flair.  A lovely grey silk fabric with shiny nail heads.  And tufting.  I love tufting.  I even love the word "tufting".  LOL  These are pretty sleek!

RUG - When it comes to a rug, I am very traditional.  I found this 8' round beauty which is very understated with a calming palate of blues and grey.  Dark walls and a dark floor is the perfect setting for this.  Loverly!

*SIGH* ..... Maybe I will play the lottery this Saturday! 

 Have a GREAT weekend!

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