Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick & Easy Autumn Chandelier!

Getting ready to host a bunch of people for the HUGE Notre Dame - USC football game this weekend under the lights, the South Bend dining room needed a little ambiance.  So, I took a strand of extra leaf garland I had left in the bin and simply placed it around the chandelier being careful to avoid contact with the lights.

To add just a little bit more bling, I took my fall ribbon which was copper orange metallic on one side and brown velvet on the other and cut it into six little pieces.  I then wrapped one around each candle light and secured it with clear packing tape.  It took all of ten minutes, cost $0, and it really adds warmth to the space.   

The light is a hand painted antique with a ceramic body and candle plates and it came with the house.  I would love to change it out but I don't think I would have the heart to take it down.  You can tell it is old because of the elongated octagon chain links - so cool!

There are these small windows next to the fireplace and I found these awesome RAZ Imports ( I love RAZ) black glitter corner spider webs with a big furry spider attached.  So cute!

And to add a touch of fall to lamps, I found these pics at Hobby Lobby - I think this one was $2.99 with 50% - and I simply bend the wire to hook over the top of the shade.  So easy and it looks great!


  1. Please don't change that chandelier. It is so charming and unusual.

  2. love the chandelier AND the church sign!