Monday, October 31, 2011

To Paint or Not To Paint... That is the question!

Hello!  So I have a design dilemma and I SO need your help with that to do!

Here is the Craigslist mirror as I bought it for over my dining room buffet:

Here is the silver mirror effect spray paint I am using:

Here is the final result:

So here is where YOU come in - I need to know what you think!  It will be on a deep navy blue wall flanked by silver lamps on top of a white buffet.

Do I keep it this shiny silver color or do I rub it to look a little more dull with gold and black accents similar to the ceiling medallion?  (Shown below)

I really like the silver but I am nervous it will be TOO vibrant.  Here is an example of a bright silver dining room mirror which I really like:
Source:  Decorpad
And here is what I imagine the "antiqued" mirror would look like:
But what if the rubbing dulls it too much?  I don't think it will be quite as dull as the medallion and I don't want them to be too "matchy matchy".  I am thinking I will rub it a little with the gold and black especially around the ornate areas to accentuate the design.  Or do I leave it as is?  UGH!  :-)
THANK YOU so much for your help!  I hate decisions like this!  :-)

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  1. I saw some Martha Stewart metallic type paints at Home Depot that were soft and beautiful, and i remember thinking if i wanted to put silver on something i would sooo use them. One of the colors looked just like the mirror in the last photo. I think some of that brushed on your mirror would look really good. I think it's a little too silvery now and needs to be toned down a bit...