Monday, October 31, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I believe in ghosts!

It is so hard to believe Halloween is here already and tomorrow, November 1st, the holiday season begins - YIKES!  Wow, it all came SO fast!

I love Halloween but it also gives me the heebie jeebies, creepy crawlies, and scares the bejeebers out of me.  Ever since I was a kid, I always watched the old monster movies with my Dad who LOVED spooky movies.  When I cannot sleep, every once in a while I will hear a noise downstairs and my thoughts instantly go to the following things that still scare me a little bit:
Bela Lugosi as Dracula.  This movie still scares me to death and everyone who knows me teases me about it incessantly.  His voice, his mannerisms, the cape, all make me shudder even as an adult!  LOL!
HALLOWEEN - the movie.  Michael Myers scared me from the first time I saw the white mask in the movie and still scares to this day.  I LOVE the movie but it always stays with me long after October has come and gone.  And the music - we won't even go there.  :-)
Now I am a total STAR WARS geek, but ever since I was a kid and even now,  Darth Vader still leaves me a little unnerved,  The black cape, the voice - the ultimate villain.

I love the "spooky" episodes of television shows, new and old.  My favorites have to be Ghost of A. Chantz by the Dick Van Dyke Show!
I LOVE the Disney version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the story of the Headless Horseman!
It is so popular, a the Headless Horseman character actually comes to life at the Disney Parks and rides up and down the parade on a HUGE black horse route carrying his glowing pumpkin head - Ride of the Valkyries plays as you hear the clip-clop of the horse hooves on the cobblestone.  AWESOME!
I also love Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin cartoon!  We still quote that all the time.  "All I got was a rock!"  Great stuff!
But my ultimate Halloween movie will forever be Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein!  In Chicago, we had a Saturday night horror show called CREATURE FEATURES during which they would show a spooky movie and we were always allowed to stay up late to watch.
The starting was SO scary and to this day gives me the creeps.  After trick or treating, we would always have hot chocolate and dinner in front of the TV watching this movie and it will forever hold a special place in my heart not to mention it is hilarious!
With the Wolf Man, Frankenstein and Dracula, it is the ultimate monster movie but not TOO scary!

Living in Chicago, we have our share of GHOST STORIES!  The two most haunted places, Bachelors Grove Cemetery and Resurrection Cemetery are VERY close to my house.  I grew up with the stories and believe them to be true.  I used to camp in the forest preserve that is Bachelor's Grove when I was a girl scout and we would always scare each other at night.  We even made etchings of the tombstones in the haunted cemetery.  Are you kidding me?  LOL!

Resurrection Cemetery is the home of RESURRECTION MARY, the story of a young girl who was killed on the way home from a dance.  She was buried at this cemetery and legend has it that she hitch hikes along the rode outside in a white dress.  The iron gates of the cemetery have hand marks which are believed to be that of Res Mary although the owners have tried to de-bunk those stories for years.
This is our family cemetery so I have seen the gates first hand many times and I believe the legend - she has been seen by too many people for this to be fiction.  SO Scary!

I have also had many things happen to me and people in my life which makes me 100% convinced that ghosts really do exist!  Not just on Halloween but every day!

I hope you have a very Happy Halloween and make it safely on to November 1st!  BOO!  LOL!

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