Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Woo Hoo! Craigslist score! So excited...

So we all know I have been trying to find awesome chairs for my Craigslist dining room table:

On my recent trip to Florida, I stopped in at a World Market to see if they had my chairs in stock. Apparently, I am not the only person in LOVE with these chairs and they are basically sold out nation wide and they are not selling the floor samples! UGH! Well, the salesperson told me they may be discontinued! What? Oh no - please tell me that cannot be true! I love these so much and they will match perfectly!

So even though I have been holding out hope that these chairs are actually in great abundance and are simply being hoarded by evil trolls trying to drive us all mad, I am pretty sure they are just plain SOLD OUT! As I face this ugly reality, I have been continually been checking my beloved Craigslist just in case something were to catch my eye. Well something has!

I found these little beauties yesterday! They are from the BOMBAY COMPANY! Remember when that oh so lovely store graced your local mall? I loved it and have a few of their pieces in my home still. It was always such an elegant store and they had the neatest accent pieces.

Well, apparently they are still alive and well in Canada and online. WHO KNEW? So I Googled them and wa-lah! Look what I found - they appear to be a pretty close match:

I absolutely LOVE them! Problem: The chairs appear to be tan and creme and my dining room will eventually be silver, navy and white. But I am thinking that I can have my dearest, lovliest sister (I hope she is reading this) sew up some slip covers and they will be perfectly perfect! Plus the chair leg line seems to match the feet of the table. NICE! And I will have saved about $275 off the World Cost chairs. BONUS! I may actually like these better. They also retail for $499. EACH! Yikes!

I am still ironing out the particulars and normally I don't like to post a Craigslist find until I have it in my hands, but I was too excited to wait! So with my table and chairs - my dining set will have been a whopping $250 smackeroonies! Not too shabby! :-) My fingers are crossed - hope to maybe get them tomorrow! Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. Those chairs are lovely. So many people miss Bombay Co. I almost bought the tufted chairs from WM too. I had my own dining room dilemma going on, luckily, with 2 great eBay scores, it is solved.

  2. Hi Kerry - Congrats on the ebay scores - can't wait to see your results!