Monday, June 13, 2011

Home from vacation - Shed project begins!

So I just got back from Walt Disney World where I had a lovely week at my DVC (Disney Vacation Club) home resort of Bay Lake Tower. Pure Heaven! We DROVE from Chicago to Orlando for the first time in a LONG time but it wasn't too bad! Weather was amazing - no rain and in the 90s for 8 days straight! And gas prices were SUH-WEET - in the middle $3 range - a far cry from $4.30 here in Illinois. Shoot me now!

I am teaching tennis about 7 hours a day right now so I don't have a lot of time to devote to my dining room and back yard projects. However, with that being said, I am going to focus on my shed. It has been a tiki hut theme for quite a long time and I am now bored with it. I hope to work on it a few hours a day after tennis so hopefully this will be done by next week.

First up - the ants are using my shed as an apartment complex so I am removing all the old wood and painting the new pieces with weatherproof paint. I am taking my inspiration for my new shed from this picture - it is a vintage sign from the Palm Springs Tennis Club - I love it. It is SO Doris Day & Rock Hudson! :-)


Right now, my shed is yellow and white with a green roof. Did you know you can paint roof shingles? Neither did I! How great is that? I have to research this but I am excited that my green roof can now become black. My new shed will be green, white and black and I cannot wait! If it turns out half as cute as I picture it in my crazy head, I am hoping it will give the yard a much needed touch of class. Ok, I am off to get started! Its so good to be getting back to projects! So much to do!

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