Monday, June 20, 2011

Wimbledon: Naked Men and Ralph Lauren

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships begin today and will last a fortnight (2 weeks). It is played at the AELTCC (All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club) which is an absolutely amazing place.

It is played on grass and players must wear predominantly white tennis attire or no attire at all as streakers are a given during rain delays. The snack of choice is the famous strawberries and cream and the colors associated with the championships are deep purple and green. It just drips with tradition and is truly a glorious two weeks in the life of any tennis player. If you get a chance, watch some of the coverage. It is like the Masters in golf or the Superbowl. You don't have to be a player or a fan to appreciate the General Splendour of it all. And Ralph Lauren is the official outfitter - need I say more!

It is raining there today so only matches under the roof will be played. It is also raining here in Chicago so no tennis camps today. I am taking the day to complete (hopefully) my window bench. My hands are cut and bleeding from trying to cut sheet metal to make a vent duct extension. I look like I was in a fight with Jack the Ripper - not pretty. LOL

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