Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shed Progress - So long Tiki Hut & Shark Lagoon...

Since I didn't have to dedicate this day to a family bar-b-que with my Dad, I decided to get some work done. In 2006, I painted the shed like a Tiki Hut. In its hey-day it was pretty cool. I had the thatch roof and hawaiian lights I made palm tree shutters and it went perfectly with my backyard beach I made to boost my spirits while going through awful chemo. I cannot believe I don't have a picture to share - it was totally Jimmy Buffett! Fins up!

I had "lagoons" made from blue sand and one even had a shark we named "Herman". But I am totally bored with it. The historic blizzard this past February took its toll on the lagoons (LOL) so I decided to gut it all. I still have my beach but the shed needs a change.

Maybe it is because Wimbledon (my absolute favorite) is starting tomorrow, but I have decided to turn my shed into a Tennis Club! I gave it a first coat of green today but it was a little tough painting over "the perfect waves".

This is the new paint color that I used it on the front of the house and the garage door. The old color in this picture is a little bright - it is SO 1980s. Damn Sears Weatherbeater paint lasts forever! :-) Another project on my summer list - paint the back of the house! (I really need to get married so I can pass off some of these chores!) LOL!

Alas, I LOVE the green and the difference it makes already. I have to replace wood on the doors (thank you carpenter ants), paint the doors white and add faux windows - a technique I used on my garage. I also found this old garden sign in the garage and I think this will work out perfectly!

I then gutted shark reef and Herman swam away - good-bye old friend I shall miss you. I put in New Guinea impatiens and some mulch. It looks so clean and fresh. I love it already and I have such a LONG way to go. Just wanted to share. Hopefully this time next week it will be done and I can post a reveal. Is the weekend over already? Why do they go so fast???

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