Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decking them halls... a little bit late.

In case you haven't heard, the Fighting Irish of the University of Notre Dame are the #1 football team in the country and undefeated at 12-0.  VERY exciting - like pinch me I am dreaming Santa doesn't need to bring me any other present EVER exciting.  (Except a National Championship win on January 7th in Miami!)  However,  I must admit, all the excitement and ballyhoo has completely thrown a wrench into my Autumn festivities, holiday decorating and every day life.   I traveled for a week to Boston to see them play and spent many extra days above and beyond the normal time spent on football weekends in South Bend.   So I decided to post pictures of my best friend's "football house" which has become a second home to me.  At this point, it is the only place which is sporting any type of holiday splendour in my life at this point!

His house is a completely charming tudor built in 1920 with gorgeous molded plaster ceilings and wooden doors with crystal doorknobs.  It is across the street from campus and it is the most wonderfully inviting little house.  This year, we decided to decorate with simple greens and white lights - classically simple and elegant.  Plus with South Bend lake effect snowstorms, it is a lot less frustrating to fix repeatedly.  It is no fun to find your snowman three blocks away rolling around in the street.  :-(

I went into the alley and found overgrown evergreen trees hanging over the fence and "borrowed" a few sprigs.  The trees definitely needed a trim so it was a "win win" situation.  :-)

Isn't it funny how you forget about some of your Christmas decorations or they magically appear in the boxes and you don't even remember ever buying them?  Happens to me all the time.  I found a box of these three pathway mini-trees and decided to stick 'em into the window box.  Understated yet very quaint.  The little trees are SO adorable!

These cute little wreaths... WALMART!  Only $10 bucks!  Can you belive it?  They are so well made and add the perfect touch to the top of the house.  I also bought the red velvet ribbon there - a huge bolt for like $3 dollars.  Who says decorating has to break the bank?  So this is the first post since November 13th - I'm quite ashamed of myself.  And my first Christmas post!  Seriously?  But hopefully I am going to get some major decorating done in the next few days because it is better late then never when it comes to Christmas.  And how would Santa Claus ever find my house without my Griswold type lights?  :-)  Ok my friends, thanks for stopping by - I am off to decorate...

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