Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shopping in Boston - A few of my favorite things!

Since my beloved Fighting Irish of Notre Dame football team is an amazing 9-0, we decided to head out to Beantown to see the Irish DESTROY  play the Boston College Golden Eagles.  We lost a few days to the Nor'Easter but alas once the clouds parted, we ventured out around town for the better part of eight days.

We did all the historical attractions like Freedom Trail and the JFK Library Museum and it was absolutely amazing to walk in the footsteps of our Forefathers and to walk in buildings which were such a part of covert meetings and colonial think tanks.  But then it came time to spend a little time shopping!

We headed to Newbury Street which is just outside Boston Common and Boston Garden area and it is just the most quaint little shopping area I have ever enjoyed.  I felt like I was in a movie.

I am slightly crazy about  Lilly Pulitzer crazy and since they closed the only signature store in Chicago, whenever I go anywhere on vacation, I always Google to see if there is a Lilly store in the area.  And of course, being Boston, there was.  And it just happened to be on Newbury Street!  Imagine that!

So we had Lilly....

and Kate...
And Ralph of course!

They also had Cartier and Burberry but I felt way under dressed to go in - did you ever feel that way?  

 I love classic, traditional clothing - I always have.  My two favorite colors are navy blue and pink and the preppier, the better.  But this trip to Boston introduced me to two AMAZING brands that I simply had to share!  The first is a line of accessories for men and women and the company is called  Kiel James Patrick and his products are simply stunning!  (All images are from kieljamespatrick.com)

He added his own twist to the preppy staple that is the Nantucket rope bracelet which gets better and better as it gets more worn and frayed.  He has added color, his trademark anchor closure, various nautical knots and the result is to die for.  If I had to pick - seriously I could not decide!

This is a bracelet.  A BRACELET!  Ahhhhh!  TOO cute! 

When I first saw these and fell instantly in love, I had to Google to learn more.  I envisioned an old sea captain - sort of like Robert Redford - making these on his boat.  NOPE.  

Kiel James Patrick is a young, native New Englander and a former model.  Alrighty then.  :-)

Anyway, good looks and heritage aside - his product line is amazing and I cannot wait to start to build my collection!  My J Crew rope bracelets have about had it - time for something new.  Some women prefer diamonds, I prefer accoutrements of a nautical nature.  Most of the time.

THEN.... my world blew up.  I was sauntering through the streets of Boston suddenly my anglophile sense became quite heightened and there, on Newbury Street, I found it.  The most amazing store EVER.  Like EVER!

Jack Wills!  Ever hear of it?  ME EITHER - until now!  

The store is like a mash up of Ralph Lauren, RUGBY, Abercrombie, Brooks Brothers and Vineyard Vines.  The sweaters (aka jumpers) are gorgeous and the pillows and the hoodies and the socks and the handbags, and the list goes ON and ON and ON!  Here are the pics I took in the store.  It was decorated for Christmas and they even kept their signature color scheme of pink and navy consistent throughout the decs.  ADORABLE!

Of course they have the Queen on the wall, why wouldn't they?

Yes this gorgeous sweater has gold sparkly thread - SO pretty!

Lovely tweed and faux fur vest!

Love the pillows and underpants!  

Pearls on a flannel shirt with a pea coat and yet - it SO works!

The Union Jack made out of shot glasses!

LOVE the packages in pink and navy!  ADORABLE!

Happy Christmas!

To learn more you can watch this adorable video:  http://www.jackwills.com/en-gb/home

And then I have to finish by sharing the Brooks Brothers Christmas windows.... TARTANS galore!

First up - I am seriously dying over this chair!   

Ok thank you for coming along on my shopping day in Boston.  Can't wait to get back to my home improvement projects - I have something on tap that is very exciting for me.  Stay tuned....

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  1. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for popping over to my place to take my cousins home tour. Yes, it is the Little Traveler. The rooms just keep going on and on! I plan to go to that house walk next year. Your shopping day was awesome. I play tennis, too!