Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday front porch 2012. Snowless :-(

December 15?  Wow - where did this season go?  And this year we even had that EXTRA week.  It just doesn't feel very Christmassy yet here in Chicago - we have NO SNOW!  Not a flake!  Everything is so much prettier with a fresh blanket of snow and the carols just sound a little bit merrier to me.

I have been waiting to take pictures of my front porch with snow but now that it is not even going to be an option before Christmas,  I finished today in the RAIN.  Seriously?

This is actually a gorgeous tartan shower curtain I found new in box at a thrift shop earlier this month.  It is coming in handy with all the rain it will have to endure.  If I am going to have a rainy Christmas, I may as well move to Florida!  I'm so dreaming of a WHITE Christmas!  :-)


  1. What a gorgeous front door and entrance. Looks great (even without snow)!! Maybe, just maybe it will snow Christmas morning!!

  2. Hi, Tracy

    The porch looks lovely!