Sunday, February 5, 2012

Design inspiration from Walt Disney World decor....

Hello!  I cannot believe I have not posted in almost a month - what was I thinking?  Lots of stuff going on and sometimes life just gets in the way.  We ran down to WDW for a quick get away and even though it has become my second home, it is about so much more than Mickey Mouse and Monorails for me.

Whether in the parks, the restaurants, shops or resorts, I find myself looking left and right, up and down checking out all of the amazing attention to detail that captures the spirit and magic that is Disney.  Most people take pictures of Cinderella's Castle and The EPCOT ball, I find myself taking pictures of molding, ceilings, etc.  LOL!

There are 24 Disney resorts on property and I have stayed in 17 of them.  Every resort has its own feel and its own themed decor.  I have always loved the All Star Sports resort because it has a giant court and a tennis themed hotel building.  How adorable is this?

WDW has really accentuated each resort with amazing design, fabrics and architecture.  My favorite resorts for design inspiration are the Yacht and Beach Clubs.  The Yacht Club is adorned with nautical touches and red white and blue fabrics and colors.  The Beach Club is awash in beach pastels and a very calming and beautiful color palette.

Here is the outside of the Yacht Club - don't you just love the architecture?  Just gorgeous!

And the lobby is such a wonderful place to just sit, relax and people watch.   Disney has such amazing fabrics and a lot of them are made just for them as they usually add a Disney touch of a hidden Mickey or character in them.  Sometimes the bolts of remnant fabric are available on Ebay from Disney sellers.

The Beach Club is equally gorgeous and even though they are next to one another and share an amazing pool and restaurants, they each have their own distinction.  Here is the Beach Club:

I absolutely LOVE this rug!  (Source: Flickr)
And what do you think of this wall?  Can you just imagine decorating this for all the seasons and holidays?  Sweet!

And here are a few interesting design touches from the room at the Beach Club villas...

I love these painted cabinets and the plate rack!  And I am loving these sconces mounted on the framed out bathroom mirror!

And this is an interesting alternative to crown molding - do a second color around the top of the room separated by chair rail.

I LOVE this Mickey Mouse sand dollar nautical rug!  So cute!

I think the natural wood door looks very pretty against the aqua and white color scheme.  I also LOVE the spa blue wainscoting in the hallway.  I probably would have chosen white for the door which just goes to show me I need to keep an open mind to other alternatives.  :-)

One of my favorite things about Walt Disney World no matter what time of the year I visit is the FLOWERS!  Just gorgeous colors and gardens!  Here is just a sample of flowers in January!

I love these daisy topiaries and the beach scene in the apothecary jars.  So pretty for SPRING!

Very pretty SPRING hydrangea table top floral design.

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