Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still snowing and it is beautiful...

Well the forecasters were right - it is going to be about a full on 24 hour snowfall.  I wish it wasn't so windy because I really wanted to go outside and get some really beautiful pictures.  But the winds are howlin' and it is like 10 below zero and the camera isn't cooperating.  

This Christmas tree was my prize when I won my village's decorating contest a few years ago.  I had to go to the City Council Meeting and receive a certificate from the Mayor.  It was pretty cool.  It is a commercial grade holiday tree and I was always sad because it had colored lights and I really love white lights on the trees in my house.  

Since I always put a Christmas tree in the fountain base because I love the way it lights up the whole back yard and looks so cute from the kitchen and dining room, I decided to take colored lights tree and put it outside to enjoy it.  OMG - I LOVE IT!

I took down all of my outside lights a few weeks ago but I love to keep the backyard tree up until Spring because it keeps January and February a little bit brighter.   Every Spring my neighbors tell me how much they enjoyed seeing it out their windows as well.  Just wanted to share a few pics - I love the way twinkle lights look when covered with snow.  So pretty!

I think the birds like the pretty winter lights too!  :-)  

I like when the camera flash catches the snowflakes falling.  SO cool!  

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  1. Hi, Tracy

    This is so lovely. The pictures are just amazing and the new fallen snow is beautiful.