Thursday, February 23, 2012

You gotta try these chips! LATE JULY - my new favorite thing!

***Disclaimer:   I never heard of these until earlier today when I bought my own bag.  I don't have ANY sponsors for anything.  LOL   :-)

CHIPS!  Oh how we love them!   Potato chips, Doritos, Fritos, Tostitos, and the list goes on and on.  We  love the crunch and all the goodness that follows, right?  BUT WE HATE THE CALORIES AND FAT!
So I was in TJ Maxx in South Bend, Indiana, and I LOVE the food sections at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods!  They always have such unusual delicacies on the shelf from all over the world.  There I saw these interesting chips sitting in a bag.  LATE JULY Mild Green Mojo Multigrain Snack Chips.  "Hmmm.  These look intresting", I thought as I read the bag.  Here is what I learned from just reading the bag:

1.  ORGANIC - like REAL organic - certified and everything - not just something written on the bag.
2.  GLUTEN-FREE:  Not an issue for me so much but I know it is for A LOT of people out there.
3.  16 WHOLE GRAINS per serving.
4.  100% WHOLE GRAIN
5.  OMEGA 3s
6.  NO Synthetic Pesticides or Chemical Fertilizers (My oncologists will be SO thrilled).
7.  NO Trans Fats or High Fructose Corn Syrup
8.  NO Artificial flavors, colors or Preservatives
9.  Peanut Free - If you are allergic, no worries here.

I decided to check the sugar level because as we all know if the flavor away in one area, they usually jack the sugar for taste.  NOPE!  Sugars is 1g!  ONE gram of sugar?

So I decided the only way these would fail would be taste.  They couldn't be THIS healthy and still taste awesome.  WRONG!  OMG - they are so good!  Like a a beautiful sunny day Good!  THAT good!
I bought two bags, one of Mild Green Mojo and Sea Salt Seashore.  I like a little kick to my chips so I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Mild Green Mojos.  Made with green chiles, cheese and a hint of lime.  No dip needed although could only imagine these coupled with guacamole.  YUM!

They also had Summertime Blues but I didn't grab those.  I am definitely going back to grab those tomorrow with any remaining bags of their chips.  At $1.99 a bag, it is a super price for all the wonderful goodness contained inside!

So then I Googled them because I always have to know as much about something as I can and it is a WHOLE WORLD of goodness!  They have COOKIES and other snacks!  Can we hear the angels sing?  All I did was stop in to find some gourmet maple syrup and a small bag of chips changed my life.  No more guilt - no more icky healthy chips - I seem to have found the answer to my prayers.

Perusing their website, I found that they are available at local food stores including Whole Foods.  I am going to slowly try all of their products and make notes of my favorites.  Mild Green Mojo may be my new addiction.  But it is a good thing.  I mean, how many addictive substances have a full day's serving of Omega 3s?  OH and did I mention that 10% of all proceeds send kids to summer camp?  I mean seriously - I get the best chips ever AND help to expose today's youth to campfire songs and smores.  I love America!

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  1. This was very informative...I'm so glad I read it. Totally agree with you about FLORIDA for OJ!