Friday, November 4, 2011

Pottery Barn Holiday Notables!

I am not one of those crazy obsessed fans of Pottery Barn (you know who you are) and yet every time the catalog comes in the mail, I am eager to see what new and exciting trends the pages will hold!   I would LOVE to live the PB life and have a perfect entryway that looks like this, but I guess a smattering of PB items in my home will have to suffice.

Looking through the holiday catalog today, I found some pretty interesting items which I simply wanted to point out.  Of course, the one thing I absolutely LOVED are no longer available!  SERIOUSLY!

They are called the Carved Architectural Chargers (56-4032009) and are STUNNING!  Why buy beautiful holiday china if you can simply accentuate your table with chargers and dessert plates?  That is my humble opinion.  So I found these and was like HELLO!  Here is the only pic I could find:

Next I found this jeweled wreath to be somewhat intriguing!  It looks like a ring of old snowflake brooches and it is SO pretty.  I think this placed on top of another wreath for contrast would be SO pretty!  Comes in 13" or 16.5"

My favorite this is something I had never seen before.  Glass Jewelry Cloches!  My new love!  And they are BACKORDERED!  Of course they are - why wouldn't they be?  :-)

They are little covered jars for your jewelry!  I'm dying they are so precious!  I LOVE the bracelet/watch cloche and it sells for $49.  AND - you can add your monogram (for an additional charge of course)!

And last but not least, we need to mention the PILLOWS!  I would have to say Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma Home are TIED in the competition of BEST PILLOWS EVER!  This year, PB did not disappoint.  Firstly, and making a return visit for 2011, is the pom pom Santa pillow.  I keep vowing to make this out of red felt and jingle bells but have yet to do it!   Isn't it the cutest thing ever??
Here are a few more of the holiday collection.  SO CUTE!

Love that this can stay out all winter!
Made for outdoors!  

So pretty - deers in the snow!

Make from vintage prints.  Cute!
Jeweled snowflake pillow.  Pretty!
White Velvet!  Doesn't this just make you want to get a big cup of cocoa and watch White Christmas?

Oh and lest we forget the boxwood garlands?   Gor-geous-o!


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  1. Hey Tracy, I do the same thing--grab those catalogs out of the mailbox and immediately set to work seeing what's new. Your newest Tennis-Playing House-Fixing follower.