Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Thankful for Thanksgiving!

I LOVE Thanksgiving!  I also love the days leading up to Turkey Day.  There is an air of excitement and a smattering of Christmas trees and lights begin to appear in my neighborhood.  

MACY'S Parade turkey float!  Classic!
Source:  Vintage-Everyday blogspot
I love that the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is such a mainstay in peoples' homes on Thanksgiving morning that it is a tradition in and of itself.  Even though it is rooted to a retail store, it is a time honored American tradition!  I love that this institution has endured for so many years!  

LOVE the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special!
When I was in college, the week before everyone left for Thanksgiving break, we had a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast!  We had root beer, jelly beans, popcorn, buttered toast, and pretzel sticks!  It was a total riot and I love that TV special still to this day!  

There are so many things to love about Thanksgiving.  I love the parades, the way the entire country seems to sit back, relax and just enjoy family and friends.  FOOD!  Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!  Holiday sale papers.  Snow flurries.  

I love to watch the Miracle on 34th Street because it celebrates both Thanksgiving and Christmas!  And I ONLY watch the black and white version - NEVER COLORIZED!  (shudder).

One thing I have come to hate about Thanksgiving is BLACK FRIDAY!  Don't get me wrong - I used to set my alarm for 4:30 when Target would open at 5 am with door-busters.  It was actually a lot of fun grabbing a cup of cocoa throwing on the tacky holiday sweater and you could definitely save some serious money.  But NOW - it has become bigger than the holiday itself and I hate that.  It was funny to see shoppers camping out in tents but when people started to get trampled to death or shot at because a sale was more important than helping up a poor innocent person, Black Friday just isn't the same for me.   

Source:  beatthetraffic
So I am vowing to have a good old-fashioned Thanksgiving holiday this year.  Morning Mass, a road trip with Christmas carols and trivia along the way.  A traditional holiday feast followed by the always interesting family game challenge with everything from dominoes to Wii to Scattergories. 

And when everyone is jumping into their cars to brave the crowds and crabbiness for those sweet doorbusters, I will be laying my head down for a long winter's nap whilst visions of sugar plums dance in my head.  And while I will be missing the infamous BUY ONE GET ONE FREE foot massagers or the Kay Jewelers teddy bear with the purchase of Jane Seymour's open heart pedant.... I think I'll survive.  :-)  

On behalf of General Splendour, I wish all of you a very blessed and most beautiful Thanksgiving weekend!  Have fun decking them halls!  

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