Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday to my blog! 10 things I've learned...

Wow it is hard to believe an entire year has gone by since I decided to launch GENERAL SPLENDOUR!

I had another blog called Whip Cream & Sprinkles but it just wasn't what I hoping it would be.  Then I was watching Pride & Prejudice and Keira Knightley says, "I was just admiring the general splendour".  A lightbulb went off and knew I had found the name especially since it was tied to Jane Austen who has always been my literature of choice.  PERFECT!   I feel the world "general"  exemplifies how so much of our lives is basic, required and normal and yet splendour can apply to home furnishings, love, laughter, passion, tears, and everything that is our lives.

I am still very green to blogging and to look at my blog I don't even like the look of it very much.  I think as I enter into year two I am going to give it a re-model.  And I have to get a button!  I have button envy with so many of you.

Ten things I have learned in my 365 day trip to Blog World:

10.  Linky parties are the BOMB!  It is so fun to share and see so many amazing ideas all in one place!

 9.  Just because you post it doesn't mean someone is going to read it!  :-)  And just because no one comments doesn't mean your post is dumb or that your blog is weak.  Right?  LOL!

 8.  Read twice - post once!  How many times have I gone back to read a post and was like "seriously,  what was I thinking?!?"  That was really dumb Tray.  :-)

 7.  Posts you think will be popular not always are and posts you think are boring get tons of views!

 6.  PINTEREST and blogging make the best of friends!

 5.  Give credit where credit is due.  I always try to source and credit pictures and ideas and I have learned not everyone returns the favor.  But I'm am sure I miss sometimes and I am sure others do asw well.  So it's ok.

 4.  Negative or not nice comments are NOT a personal attack on me as a person.  Everyone has the right  to their own opinion and I have to learn to not take them to heart.  :-)

 3.  I have made such wonderful virtual friends who somehow know more about me as a person than REAL people in my life and I think that is WONDERFUL!

2.  Learn from the best!  There are so many blogs I try to read everyday and I learn something new every time I visit one.  I am so impressed by so many of you - your blogs are AMAZING!

1.  Your blog totally becomes a part of you.  How many times do I see something or try something new and I can't wait to share it!  General Splendour has added so much General Splendour to my life!

Whether you are a follower or just stopped in one time for a look at a picture or idea, you are part of my first year and all the lessons learned.   I am so excited for my second year to begin!  THANK YOU!  Have a lovely day!  :-)

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