Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yes - The Decorating gods smiled on me today!

With such a gloomy gus Memorial Day weekend here in Chicago, I made lots o progress on my indoor projects including my window bench. Unfortunately, I hit a snag and had no idea how to fix it. When this happens, I usually grab a huge glass of grape kool-aid, hit my hammock and think it out! I would have a margarita but I don't think it would be a good mix with a mitre saw.

Then, I remembered a stack of old molding that has been sitting in the garage for years. My Dad worked for the city of Chicago and so he had access to a lot of amazing places and residences. From time to time he would come home with awesome items which people were throwing away or were just laying around. Forget flowers and candy, my Mom much preferred his Windy City treasures. Even though they are now hanging out in Heaven (I am sure my Mom is re-arranging clouds and picking out a new paint color for the pearly gates), they still seem to find a way from time to time to help me out when I am in a quandary. :-)

So there, behind the badminton set and the croquet mallets, six pieces of 6' antique molding were sitting engulfed in spiderwebs and dust. As I examined it, it was going to work out perfectly! Yes I had to dust it, sand it and paint it but I have finished one piece and I think it is going to be gorgeous!

Thanks Dad for having such a keen eye for "the good stuff". And I am so glad I didn't take this stuff to the curb years ago. Ok, I'm off - lots of work to do...


  1. What an awesome little gift from your dad!

  2. It's lovely, what a great pop.

  3. Tracy love this post, i think i would have liked your parents!

  4. Thank you guys for the very nice comments and welcome Claudette. Thanks for the visit!