Thursday, May 5, 2011

Transom Window Room Divider Progress...

Well tennis is in full swing so the hours I have to dedicate to my dining room projects is greatly reduced. However, I have been getting up extra early to do yard work and to work on my room divider.

We all know the movie, Something's Gotta Give and the legendary Hampton beach house. As I have been painting my dining room and such, ideas keep jumping into my head. I wanted to differentiate the living room from the dining room as it is just one big L shaped room. Enter - Erica Barry. I love the airy transom windows she has in her home. Great idea - no budget!

I found these in a builders supply house - sidelites for a front door and figured I could make them into something. Here is my project so far:




This is from the dining room looking into the living room. I still need to cover them completely with trim - I will reveal the final product with my dining room reveal in a few weeks.

This is the front of the windows looking from the living room to the dining room.

The ceiling was a little crooked on the far left so I will have to make sure the trim and molding is perfectly in line to give the illusion they are dead on straight. The window seat is about 25% done - that is my next project. Ok - off to tennis practice!

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